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February 01, 2006


As some of Physics modules are arranged in only 5 weeks, so one of them, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, finished today. And I think as many other students think, his lectures were excellent!!
Even though I haven't understood all of topis which were treated in his lectures, and actually he went through so fast (Well, I know it's difficult to cover all in 13 lectures), I felt I have learned a lot and felt as if I understood them somewhat.
He explained many topics intuitively as long as I felt, and kindly answered any questions students raised.

I have ever thought being a professor and teaching in university, well, though it's a kind of present dream now. So I…um….I don't want to imitate his way of teaching but just looking up it. I hope I can perceive some essense from his.
For in Japan, I've hardly taken good lectures in my 1st~3rd year. I know there're lots of good and experienced lecturers in Japan, but I feel it's few…..and it's the same as in high school. When thinking of high school study, students for the first time meet advanced science: physics, biology, chemistry and geology. And in this significant time in the life, I think they should receive good education. In my experience, studying science in high school was actually boring as we just had to remeber many thing by heart…..without learning its core idea. And science should be more interesting and funny, and should be taught from our daily life. There are lots of its application of physics (now only I would talk about physics, but same for other subjucts) and nature uses lots of physical feature as I wrote yesterday.
I've always heard many people talking science is far from our daily life so they can't imagine what it is. But the truth is…..
Science is such a interesting and funny subjuct that it should be taught as it is. I think there're few teacher who can covey its passion to students. Therefore or ….anyway, I once wanted to be a teacher seriously. Well, it's still continuing…...if I be a professor in Japan, and have opportunities to teach…..want to do a bit eccentric way~ funny way.

One of professor ever told in his first lecture to students that 'It's worthless taking my lecture, and it's much more useful going outside and do what you want to do….if anyone think so, stand up and get away from lecture hall.'

He is quite famous porfessor so that none of students did so, of course or not, …....and later he told if there's anyone who did, he would give credit even though the student doesn't turn up to lectures.

I don't know this is the good way, but this incident may reflect some Japanese characters of students…...

Count-down starting~ of what?....guess it!!

Bought two cooking books by Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. They both looks so colourful and well-arranged book.
Gordon Ramsay - Kitchen Heaven
Jamie Oliver

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