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October 24, 2005

Any new week comes..

Spent the Saturday in Birmingham with buffet, movie and shopping, and the Sunday in idioling, it is time back to work.

I have to comdamn the Chinese Umbralla product. I take the umbralla with me for two years, changing the accommodation four times, whereas only using it three times. Now, it is broken. It is really puzzled me why the product we bought in China has such a aweful quantity but the product bought here, signed "Made in China" works well??

Seems that a lot of works left, several papers, one peer-view of the jounal paper and three books. It seems that I will have a tough week this month-end…

I am still no getting the idea or what kind of "idea" I should have for further study, or for graduation :P.. I thought it must be the lack of enough reading. However, I am quite interesting on how linear-collision breaking on most fingerprinting, in my mind, it should be always works.. Need more investgation.

Time's really flying. Even it is the beginning of a new week, I have seen the end of it. Tuesday, workshop tutorial, Wednesday, hurry reading and concluion for Thursday meeting. Friday, mind flies to weekend…. :(..

kk, back to work.. Umbralla is down and just minutes before I got to post office ,the rain, which has stopped for 4 hours, begins.. It looks that I wont have a lucky week.. :(

October 14, 2005

Terrible mood today!!!!!!!!

What the fxxking accommodation office thinking? Is it interesting of making fire alarm in the early morning ?!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is really unfair, they cannot make the alarm arbitery as they want!!!!!!!

Yes, I admit, the above may be just an excuse for no reading or anything meaningful for the whole day.

Maybe I should try to spend more some hours in the office at the coming weekend.

October 13, 2005

Second Week of PHD—Hard Working

Try on this blog.
This is the second week of the PHD study, well, it is much harder then I though.

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