November 16, 2006

MARIA Good news and bad news

I am telling u guys who r reading this article, what i am writing now isnt interesting and worth nothing. If u dont have time to kill, please click the “X” on the top of ur browser on the right hand side. Dont waste ur time plz, I really appreciate that!

Yesterday I watched a MV of a Japanese band called “MARIA” on Youtube, I have noticed that one girl from this band looks much familiar…... Yes, it was Maiko! The bassist from my favorite band ZONE.

Maiko is reborn with her new band “MARIA”, which is consisted of six girls, in March this year and has already presented two singles so far. The first single “Chisa na Uta” has been destined for the OP3 of animation “Yakitata Japan” and the second one “Tsubomi” out on 26 July this year has also been appointed to be theme song of animation film “Naruto Movie 3”. The two vocals, Maiko and Aika, are all bassists. This can not be often seen in todays band.
Besides Maiko and Aika, they have two guitar players, one drummer, and one girl plays paino,keyboard and violin.

Being different ZONE period, Maiko now is the core, main vocal, only star and real leader of MARIA. She composes, writes lyric and has more chances to exhibit her ability and talent.

After ZONE disbanded at its hottest stage, MIYU has presented her own singles, MIZUHO went back to her normal life, TOMOKA disappeared, only Maiko stayed. As I said before, in the MV of ZONE’s last single and their final live, she was so sad and cried badly. I do believe she wants ZONE to stay forever and to be inherited. This may be one reason why Maiko has organised this new band.

MARIA is going on a much different way from ZONE. They are trying to be cool and fashion, no longer cute and sunny.

Frankly, I dont like their new style, even I was about to cry when I saw Maiko back, even she is still pretty and cute, even she looks much more sophisticated and girly with her new long curly hair, and even she will always be my favorite. The smile from ZONE can thaw everhting but I dont think MARIA can do as well as ZONE did. I like the girl with short hair and looks like a boy better.

I have ever dreamed that one day ZONE will surprisingly turn up again with their 16th single, but here comes only

MARIA. It is good news for me to see Maiko again, but it is bad news as well. Cause it means ZONE will never come back…... As the commentators on Youtube says, we miss ZONE forever!

Anyway, Maiko and the other five girls are trying their best, I will keep an eye on them and wish them all luck. No matter what happens, Maiko will always be my favorite!

Come on Maiko, come on MARIA!

BTW, Maiko has changed her name from ?¡§¡§? to ?¡§¡§?, which is a fantastic name still.


also MARIA

October 03, 2006

Just say hello~

I have just arrived. Just say hello to everyone!

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