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Yixian Huang

Some thoughts about CBE
In the process of course study, the understanding of the theoretical part was a bit abstract at first. I tried to combine it with the organizational structure and operation mode of the company I worked for to test whether there is overlap or whether it can be used for references. Excellence in a business context is a combination of internal excellence in how things are done (enablers) leading to outstanding business performance (results).This key point make me think a lot.There are always similarities in good organizations. For example,good employee performance and centripetal force come from excellent corporate culture, high customer satisfaction and loyalty come from comprehensive and rigorous market research. So try to analysis the enablers will be much better than focus on results. However,.it may not be enough for me to accumulate, so there is a lack of more macro thinking. Next, I may do an in-depth study, and study of this course by reading some practical cases or discussions with others, and try to improve my language level. Theory should be applied and tested in practice.

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