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November 24, 2012

CBE–PMA–Use of EFQM in Developed countries and Development countries

According to Tan (2002), in less developed countries these prizes give less importance to aspects such as social responsibility and more to leadership. In Europe, the model attaches more relevance to social impact and human resource management.

I think this is the logistical and moral aspect belief of people with different culture back ground. And this is the issue in development country which keep them behind. They always think from top to bottom, and best leadership will provide the best opportunity for company development. But the people who really carry out the actions are the people on the bottom line. They should pay more attention to the employees, because if they know more about their employees' capability it will help the company to make right decision for development.

In addition social responsibility is really important, because a company cannot service on its own. If organisations can provide something to help the society, it will improve the economic growth and more people will be able to afford the products. It is beneficial for both society and organisational growth.

For example, in the country where there do not have clean water, it will be useless to sell them shampoos, because their social standard did not meet the needs.

November 21, 2012

CBE–PMA–Use of information technology in BPR and HPWS

Both BPR and HPWS are looking to improve business process by using information technology. Technology plays an important role within these two process and the meaning by include three types:

  • Technologies that improve the control systems over areas such as production, workplace and machines themselves
  • "hard" technology, which is the employees' skill to participate in the design, implementation and development of a systems
  • "Soft" technology, which is a basically skill assessment and benchmarking tools and new standards for evaluating high performance, models and methodologies.

Critically thinking, if a new type of machinery technology has been implemented and it can improve the quality of product. It will replace the manual job, which means a number of employees may lose their job. The may company still implementing this new technology because of the benefit of improving quality and save labour cost. This will lead to downsizing approach. The attitude of downsizing is not positive and the result may lead to other side-effects on the business. Although the downsizing approach does not embrace the restructuring of works and processes, but restructuring business process may course downsizing.

November 14, 2012

CBE – PMA – Business Process Re–engineering (BPR)

The basic ideal of BPR is to perform changes to the existing business in order to improve the performance.

In the expectation of BPR concerns, there is a consensus that, in performing re-engineering work, it should aim to achieve a "dramatic" improvement. Characteristics that can be found in the definitions:

  • Focus on business process
  • adoption of information technology
  • taking fundamental analysis
  • radical redesign
  • aims to achieve dramatic improvement in a short time delivery
BPR claims amazing results on performance improvement. However, not every BPR projects is successful. There is estimation, reinforced by Hammer & Champy (1993) that 70% of organisations failed to achieve any benefit from their own re-engineering efforts. Which means to use BPR is very risky and challenging, the successful rate is too low!!!

November 13, 2012

CBE – PMA – The High Performance Work System (HPWS)

HPWS is a high involvement work systems, flexible and high commitment work systems, which add improved productivity and quality to an organisation.

Layout design is a key factor increasing successful HPWS. Layouts allow groups to work together and increase productivity. The main goals of layouts include:

  • Using space, equipment, and people effectively
  • Increasing the flow of information and materials
  • Improving employee morale
  • Making customer/client relations more effective
  • Encourage flexibility

The main purpose of HPWS is to optimal utilisation of all resources. Although HPWS attempt to find the best fit among technologies, processes, structures and the external environment. But a number of researches have mentioned that without employees' skills and education to run new machinery, technology would be useless. Therefore the main focus of HPWS is training employees to a highly skilled empower tram member to turn around jobs. HPWS not only will firms benefit financially but also overall morale will improve and employees will be more likely to stay with the firm.

However, despite of all the positive feedback, HPWS can sometimes be difficult to adopt. These systems require changes in an organisation's culture and restructuring. HPWS see as risky and costly, and sometimes unattainable. HPWS may not be appropriate for all firms. I think implementing HPWS is a very big movement for organisations. They need to take serious consderation and evaluations to make sure the company is ready for these changes.

On the other hand, not only does goverment funding provide assistance, but goverment policy also helps to foster economic, political and social environment that reduce the riks and costs of the implementation of HPWS. I believe this would attract more firms to implementing HPWS or worth consideration.

October 22, 2012

Few thoughts after meeting with Paul

Had a few thoughts after today's meeting with Paul. He said something about the rankings and the quality management, "The Company on the top of the rank is because they make the most profit, does not mean they have the best quality management."

However, I felt there is a link between the profit and quality management, because all organisations in the market are expect to make some profit. Plus organisations use Excellence models are aiming to achieve better performance and good performance will mean they can make more profit out of it. If a company without an excellence model able to reach the top ten in the rank, I think the leaders may still happy not to have one. I think I will do some research on some top companies to see whether they have used any of the excellence models or not.

October 17, 2012

EFQM vs ISO 9000

At the beginning of our team study we have discovered that ISO is an externally driven and EFQM is internal. Therefore I felt these two models are non-comparison, they can work together!!


October 09, 2012

Introduction to CBE

Just finished the first week and starting the second week on this course, lots of confusing and many questions. However, after today's lecture I finally getting to know what we have to do for the first assessment. There are six mini projects our group has to work on.

Firstly, ISO 9000 VS EFQM models which I have never heard of. But after today's research I have understand that ISO 9000 is a quality management tools used by organisations to ensure their products or services meet customer's requirements, and consistently improved. Secondly the EFQM Model is used mostly in Europe, which help businesses to improve their performance.

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