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May 04, 2013




The idea of knowledge management is to construct psychology and technology into a knowledge based management system. Create a work place with information acquisition, sharing, integration, record, access ad update in order to achieve ultimate goal. I think knowledge management able to make the working environment more comfortable to work, and the employee can work and learn at the same time, which help the organizational development and sustainable growth. Like the example, where consultant helped the company to certain achievement, but after the consultant left the company, the company can’t sustain. But if the knowledge has been delivered to the organization, they would able to survive and make progress on their own.

From an employee point of view it is better to work for a company with share knowledge environment, because they can generate ideas from each other and lean from experience, reduce the risk of making the same mistake. Also knowledge management would improve work efficiency. The understanding of what you doing would make the job can be done more appropriately. I think one of the most important in knowlege management is to train the staff able to effectively and maximize use of their knowledge. The organisation knowledge system will be buil up by individuals.

May 02, 2013

Asset Management Strategy

The investment strategy has a huge impact on the asset, it has to be personalised to suit each company’s business strategy. A successful asset management could lead the company to stand out from the others and gain competitive advantages. Diversification investment strategy could help the company development, because all strategies had advantage and disadvantage, a single strategy would have greater risk and rate of failures.

Assets that worth more value is more difficult to manage, such as land and buildings and machineries. Land and buildings takes long process to purchase or sold and usually have huge impact on the company finance. Machineries is large part of company asset in manufactory organisation, the maintenance cost machineries is often very high so the organisation need to consider whether they want to keep the old machines or change new ones. I think these assets are not very flexible, if the asset can be more flexible it will be easier to manage. Should make change to asset management as the business strategy change, therefore able to maximise the benefit to support each other.

Asset Management

Asset management is to control the assets invested by investors though the whole life cycle. It can be an internal part of organisation and also external institutions or outsourcing. Asset management can be personal and industrial. There are many agencies that help people to manage their finance and obtain investment income.

In manufactory the asset is important part of the business, it involves such as property management, space management, environmental management, security, maintenance and health and safety. I think a good property management would be a strong support for business development, even if the business is ending the company still worth lots of value and may be able to help the company solve financial problems. Space management is able to support efficiency of work and minimize wastage of resources and inappropriate cost. I think space management is very important for manufactory organisation, because the layout of a work force will impact the effectiveness of employees to deliver work and also a big impact on health and safety issues.

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