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January 28, 2013

My Dear Group B

From today's lecture I have noticed group B is more active than group A. The reason I think is because we more involved with each other and feel more comfortable. We have the confidence to work with anyone in our group, and have view of each individual's capability, so when comes to choose group member we know who we want to work with. Although we may not get to work with the once we wanted, the atmosphere in Group B is very good.

So I think skill assessment is very important. Although we did not do skill assessment during the exercise, the abilities and skills are carried around with us all the time. Every word we say and everything we do able to show the capability, thinking and personality, this directly affect the amount of contribution that person can bring to the work.

To be a good leader, the most important is to understand the people you work with, and maximise their abilities and skills. The more you know about that person, more efficient work can be delivered and quality outcome. Take Group B as an example, over the past few months we have been worked together and involved as a group, so we have the view of each other's strength and advantages. Anyone in Group B would feel confident to lead the others, as a common sense people usually feel more comfortable to with the people they know.

Overall I think the atmosphere in Group B is very nice!! Love my Group B, everyone has been very helpful and supportive. XOXO joob joob =3=

January 25, 2013


I have to say it is very hard for me to learn about QFD. All the numbers, equations and calculation, I am very bad at mathematics. Anything come with number I will be very confused. It has been a difficult module for me!!!

But I have read a few literatures and identified a number of advantages of QFD:

  • QFD seeking for customer demand, maximize the quality to encourage the value that customer would bring. Minimize negative elements such as defects, poor service, etc.
  • Different from the traditional design process focus on engineering technical performance and less attention to the needs of customers. QFD meet customer demand as a foundation, pays attention at every stage of their product development.
  • QFD able to make intangible demand more clear to understand, which help company to choose their priorities strategy decision making.
  • Reduce design time.
  • Reduce variation.
  • Reduce the cost of design and manufacture.
  • Improve the quality of products.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.

For example, Toyota Company reduced 61% of the startup cost loss and Mazda company reduce the half of the final design change.

There are also a number of limitations about QFD:

  • It is a developed by Japanese, western enterprise many not fully applicable because of the culture difference.
  • Customer information comes from market researchers, if they connected wrong information could course disaster to the company, because QFD rely on customer perceptions.
  • It can be very complicated in practice, because customer's ideas and needs are constantly changing.

January 24, 2013

Voice of Customer

VOS is an important part Six Sigma, which eliminate defects in the production process. VOC of need to be built into the Six Sigma methodology DMAIC, so it is suggested that DFSS is also rely on the voice of customer. Meet the customer requirement is the most essential elements of products and service, and is a key to make profit. I will share a picture showing the role of VOC in each step of DMAIC.


The benefit of DFSS is using the statistic method to understand customer and grasp the customer demand, address the principle of new product/service flow for robust design and achieve lowest cost and highest quality. DFSS help improve product quality and reliability at the same time, reduce cost and speed up the production cycle. I think an effective use of DFSS can achieve even better than Six Sigma level. Therefore, it can be said that the six sigma design is the 21st century quality management, process optimization, and the development trend of product improvement method.

January 23, 2013

DFSS Presentation

Starting at this presentation, I know nothing about Design for Six Sigma. Our group worked together first researched on the definition of DFSS, to get an over view of what it is. And we identified few elements which are shared in both DFSS and business excellence concept.

  • Customer focus
  • Stakeholder value
  • Process management

Through the presentation we have explained how DFSS can contribute in these factors in order to achieve business excellence. Because the time limit, this is the very minimum benefit of DFSS, there are still many factors we haven't discovered. Hope we will find out more through the study week, and learn some more practical activities.

DFSS approach is for design new product or process and aim to presentation of problem and take proactive activity. It is a step before Six Sigma and other excellence models. It takes holistic approach of re-engineering rather than a technique to complement Six Sigma. DFSS is a way to exceed customer expectations, which means build customer demand into to the production and product design process. Therefore the outcome can achieve excellent quality at the first time. The smaller the gap between customer demand and their expectations, the less reactive activities needed afterwards.

January 08, 2013


After further reading on Six Sigma, it is a very effective tool for continuous improvement and it has addressed the quality issues through data analysis, reduce the financial cost of production, and use numbers to achieve zero defects. Personally I am really bad at numbers and calculation, after study Six Sigma it provides me a different point of view and more in-depth understanding of using statistics.

Apply Six Sigma project reduce waste during production in order to solve the financial issues, the result of saving cost will gradually show year by year. DMAIC show a clear stage the methodology of Six Sigma and easy to understand. The combination of theory and practical tools are able to lead people to a success project.

January 06, 2013

Six Sigma

From a basic point of view, Six Sigma is a methodology, a logical thinking and a tool used to improve business performance. But further in-depth, it's a philosophy that could change the company culture which links the company goal and the production process through implementation of Six Sigma project. Use a holistic approach to build the strategy into organizational culture and day to day activity which would support the organization to achieve long term benefit.

From personal point of view, Six Sigma solve problem from the internal operational prospective rather than customer satisfaction level. It is a guideline for day to day activities within the production process. It not only benefits the employees to carry out jobs more efficient and also provide the company with sustainable value.

At the start I was very confused about the actual implementation and measurement, and then we learnt the implementation of Six Sigma step by step. But it's still not very clear how it can be achieved. But after I read about the DMIC after class, it constructed my learning to a much clear pathway.

I felt I have to settle down and look back what we have learnt in class, and read more before I can understand what we actually studied. Combination of having lecture with tutors and self-learning, really guide me through my thinking.

January 05, 2013

Strategy management

I have just finished my 5000 words essay for strategy management. It is a very long journey. I spent two weeks on reading, and there is lots of information to take in. Although I have studied Business strategy in my undergraduate, but this time is different. We have to think more deep and practical.

At the start I think Blue Ocean strategy does not make sense at all, then after I read the book, most of parts are quite practical, but it is more likely to be something happened all the time, the organisations just did not realise its BOS. Plus there is no forwards analysis been taken to prove an organisation has achieved successful performance by following the steps through BOS. There are many argument based on this factor. And that's why I think BOS cannot be considered as a strategy chooses, but it is good for managers to study BOS, it able to support the innovation ideas within the organisation.

There are lots of arguments based on BOS strategy, and most of the time, there are no right answers, so it's hard to write about. As I can have lots to say or no thing, when I feel both side are right. It is very difficult to stand one said, because as I trying to find something that support my view, and may find something that make me change my mind. =.=!

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