November 29, 2005


Writing about web page

1.I think "small business" means "low investment" which includes "Money" and "Manpower".

2."Entrepreneurship" is explained in the dictionary as " the activity of organizing, managing, and assuming the risks of a business enterprise". In my words, it is the activities to operate one company.

3.In my opinion, "Entrepreneurship" is more formal word and it only could be used when one offcially company has been set up. I mean there are different functional departments in this company. For example,one person is in charge of all financial issues of this enterprise and one person handles all things about markeing and so on;

While,if we say he or she has a "small business", it is probably to mean he/she operates the whole company himself.He do everything himeself. There is no complete functional departments.

4. I just think everyone who is considering to start his own business must be clear about such kind of terms. And it will be helpful when thinking about how to get a good start or how to operate an enterprise well.

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