October 19, 2007

Learning English Though Reading

When people talk about learning English, I think everyone has his own way to learn. There are many different way to learn. But what I like is doing lots of reading. 

I like to read some newspapers, magzine, novel in English becasue it's very interesting and I can learn many phrase or some new words from  these text.  When I'm reading, I would use the British way to think something. I can change the way which I used to.

Moreover, What I learned from newspaper or magzine, it's not only the language, but also the British culture. When I listen to native speaker chatting, I can understand them more clear, and I also can find some thing which they would interest in. That's very significant when we talk with somebody.

The most important thing is I can learn how to write. I think writting is quite difficult when you learn a secondary language. If you didn't read anything and didn't try to remeber anything, you won't write down anything.

October 06, 2007

My Favorite Album

Album:        Castle In The Air
Band:            Oceanlane
Corporation:Handicraft Recordings
Publish Date:  Sep. 5, 2007
Style:             Rock
OCEANLANE formed in Kichijoji, Tokyo by two college friends, Hajime and Kay. (They were friends since middle school)

The band formed in 2001 by two longtime friends, Hajime Takei and Kay Naoe, who began playing shows with hired drums and bass players in the Tokyo area in 2002. They self-released a 2003 demo EP, and signed to Howling Bull Entertainment/Handicraft Recordings, who released their debut LP, On My Way Back Home. This album reached #1 on Japan's independent music charts. A follow-up LP, Kiss & Kill, which was produced by Pelle Gunnerfeldt, followed in 2005. In the interim, the band toured nationally in Japan and supported many Western acts on the Japan legs of their tours, including Jimmy Eat World, All-American Rejects, The Stills, and Copeland. They also appeared on the winter leg of the Vans Warped Tour 2004.
01.  Ride The Wave
02.  Walk Along
03.  Ivory Serenade
04.  Fighter Pilot
05.  Get Back
06.  Name
07.  Absent In The Spring
08.  Bittersweet Ending
09.  Let's Roll
10.  Last Call
11.  Good Night My Blue Sapphire
12.  Tell Me Why
I like this album very much. Especially I like the song 'Bittersweet Ending' and 'Tell Me Why'. It's rock music, but you won't feel that  the music is too noisy to listen to. There is graceful and powerful rhythm. Of course, that is my feeling. If anyone who interesting in this album , connect me .

October 05, 2007

First Impression of Britain

I still remember that the first day I arrived at Birmingham. I was so exciting and I found every thing

was fresh. That was a windy day. For me, I like this windy day very much, although I feel little cold.

Because I believed that wind always bring fortune to me. I felt that I would love this country, for

there are many modern buildings, friendly people and green plants. My memory is foggy about

some subtle things, but the first thing which the vehicle is driven on the right side made me feel novel

because China is counter this way. When I came to Warwick campus, I was surprising. I ever did not

see this beautiful campus. It looks like a big garden, and there are many trees and wild animals such

as rabbit, squirrel, goose and some other birds. I like this kind of place. It is very peaceful and makes

me feel that I'm close to the nature, especially in this modern industrial city. That surprised me most.

Anyway I think Britain is a beautiful country which has blue sky and green grass. And there is no

much crowd  like China. I think it will be a good place to study....

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