June 09, 2017

Last core module

I felt reaaally touched by what Paul has said. Always bring us positive observation on our growth and encourage us to become the people we dreamed of. It is so good having a mentor working like him and I hope myself could be the same role in my life.

At the very beginning, MBE course is abstract for me to understand the meaning. Now, I should adjust my thoughts as I devote in team work, research before the task, inspire others when it comes to problems. I thought more on the role and responsibility in management and business ethics, most important, I learnt sitting and solving problems. I LOVE MBE.

March 15, 2017

reflective work of decision making

These two days, I didn’t have a super long day’s work thanks to Jeff agreed to end the course earlier than written on the timetable. It was not long but really tired, he also joked on our tired-looking face. Why?

I think it is that too many theories are introduced in these two days. They are like floating clouds in the air that I realize their existence but they are slipping away at a very fast speed. I sometimes feel too desperate to focus on what Jeff is talking about.

After the first day’s learning, I became suspicious about myself. Thankfully, not too much, as “Man thinks God laughs.” I knew many of the games displayed on the course years ago, it is still a good chance to remind myself that what I have believed to be true might not be true. However, I also wondered the meaning of this. I guessed perhaps it suggested us we should use more scientific tools to help us make up our mind more rational.

With such expectation, I started my second day’s learning. I would like to summarise it as even you used tools and theories and all the possible methods to make a very good decision, the outcomes didn’t seem to be good as well. It broke the correlation between decision and outcome as outcomes were affected by many factors other than decisions. I could only try to achieve the best decision and hoped things wouldn’t be worse.

February 08, 2017

Connections between leadership and business excellence

Once again, I heard Paul talking about a safe working environment. It is exactly the same highly repeated words of Creating Business Excellence. I remembered it so clearly partly because I have done PMA relating to learning organisation. On how to build a learning organisation, how to build a learning environment, it has become a common recognition that leaders have to learn to keep a safe working place for employees so they could work to their potentials. It is a good thing to learn that, however, it is also noticeable that why it is mentioned so many times? From what I learnt in the past, it is just because it has not become true in reality so there will be so many people emphasize it time and time again.

I don't want to discuss how to set up that environment or business thing here. I want to say that no matter management or business, we are human beings first, then comes to other roles like superior, interior, employees etc. Any work regard people as anything else will definitely faces failures as it doesn't respect our human natures.

January 15, 2017


haven't had a real peaceful time since coming back from xmas. Always worrying, about the project, about the ongoing post module assignment. I know the anxiety won't help do anything and I shouldn't be supposed to worry a thing that never happened. However, it is always very challenging to face the enemy inside yourself. Perhaps things that could comfort me are, first, six sigma, what i learnt these days, are also very useful and common in the financial area; second, problem solving with statistics was a hard and tough but very useful module, which may do great help in future work. I know it is not a good thing driven by some quite realistic thing like work, job-target, it is a thing that need to be taken into consideration for my whole study. I really enjoy study and use my knowledge to solve problems, will any companies favor me in doing that?

January 12, 2017

coming back from holidays

Before starting my xmas holidays, i was quite excited and thought that might be one of the best thing i had during my one year's study in uk. However, the freshness brought by relaxation and new stuff didn't last too long. I quickly got bored by a holiday doing nothing, which i mean reading and studying.Luckily, I got my books with me and thanks to the internet, i can read papers and materials even without books. It is a good sign that I feel a sense of achivement after gaining knowledge, which indicates that I keep growing in intelligence.

October 24, 2016

Personal feelings about EFQM and team project

Such a good feeling that most of your puzzles to the class and terminologies are solved by one who is expert in this area. Nothing better than acquiring new knowledge and ways to solve problems.

I have to say, with the guide of Diane, it is much more easier to understand EFQM thoroughly than to explore it all on my own. Though I am still not so sure about my team mini project, what I have researched and prepared, are they the things that Graeme want? Even after several times of group discussion and meeting, I was quite upset about the presentation of organisational learning. I was afraid of making mistakes, especially those could be avoided.

I knew it was important to enjoy the process of learning, I wanted a high appraisal as well. Good process, good result. That is perfect.

October 10, 2016

First Reflective

Having my first class this morning which lasts around 3 hours or so, quite different from the time I had this year. It is like my brain is awake from a long sleep. I am not saying that I have not used my brain for the past one year after graduating from the university, it is just refreshing and exciting having so many people under instructions, discussed together, paying effort to discuss and solve problems. Most of my classmates have relating experience in management in theory or practice, which made our discussion more inspiring with thoughts flashed.

I agreed with what Paul had said that we should not be a money driver while working. But I was curious how to inspire the intrinsic inspirations of people. I knew there were certain amount of people would definitely work for things more than money, the point is, how to manage in a standard way. For international big firms, there are thousands of people. It is quite difficult for managers to run a system customised for everyone of the group or company, how to balance the individual needs and group target is a complex task for us to work out. And will a special set rule work better than the existing one? I knew the money driver now was kind of crazy and immoral, but not all new replacements would work as expectations.

For me, there are loads of work to do and discuss to explore my answer.

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