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March 13, 2011

About Bias

About Bias

When we deal with some situations around us, we try to deal with it in a fair way, but can we promise that it is no bias? For me, the answer is no. I try to look at the world or see something around me in an unbiased way, but I cannot without my bias. If I see the world or look at everything around me in an unbiased way, who am I? I am a tool, I am a machine.

It doesn't mean we should see something in a bias way. No, bias is always easy to destroy relationships. Whether bias is good or not? Depend on situations. If some situations are less meaningful or little values, throw out your bias, relationship is more important than bias under that situations. But if your bias is based on values and meaningful things or situations, hold your bias.

Here I remembered Vagelis mentioned in his blogs 'can love introduce bias in your decisions? I think the answer is yes! Indeed, love can introduce bias in decisions. But the world needs this kind of bias. The nature needs much more this kind of bias. Business relationships also need it. Even if love is a bias, the world and the nature need it. Animals also have its bias, at least they do not destroy the earth like human beings. But the strong left political monsters never can be as strong as the nature, they do not need the love bias, they need against bias because they are machines.

March 09, 2011

About Intuition

We are talking about our team's decision, just started 10 minutes, I have a decision (but no research), if I can choose I would choose Lymington . Why? I do not know. Feeling.....

Just one area: "Lymington 500 Sea Catch per year; Exmouth 1660 Sea Catch per year" let me do this decision, why? vision...

I write this just want to prove that whether my intuition correct or not .....because I always make a decision depend on my intuition.... No matter right or wrong, I want to prove this.......

March 08, 2011

About decision

RDD is a creative and free module. When we finished today's lecture, prof. Jones told us we can think what we want to think, I was pleased to hear that. Yes, we are free!!! Our thinking is free!!! This is why I said perhaps only MBE has its unique culture :"win-win + freedom" culture......

Freedom ? what is freedom? our body free ? our thinking free ? or our heart free? When we make a decision, we depend on what ?

If we cannot trust our eyes; we cannot trust our ears; we cannot trust our feelings; and even we cannot trust ourselves. If that, we can trust what ? Data? ......In fact, sometimes data always speak a lie. In particular, in part of financial sectors data always speak a lie, that is a data game.

The political and financial elites always assigned a group of datas to confuse the public. That guys make a decision depend on what ?? They never depend on data, they smelt data, they felt data, and then they can command data. Sometimes perhaps they are wrong, but if we make a decision just depend on data or infromation, are you sure it is right? perhaps not. The situations around us are changed so fast, when we collect all the information, the situation has been changed again, we are behind......

Making a decision depend on what ???....I do not know now. But I hope I can find the answer.....

Before this , when I made a decision, I always listened to my heart. I cared things or ones would influence my decision, but I do not think that is a bad thing, because we live in the world not single. Sometimes, we indeed need to consider others. Whether we should make a compromise or not, listen to your heart.

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