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November 29, 2010

How to use 6 sigma to achieve continual improvement?

How to use 6 sigma to achieve continual improvement?

If we want to achieve continual improvement I think we can through the following four steps:

First step: Structure

Vertical structure focuses on making decisions, and horizontal structure focuses on sharing information, knowledge, and technology.

Second step: Process

Processes need managers' support. If we wish to manage processes well, we need to manage people well. So 6 sigma's processes focus on leadership.

Third step: Approaches

6 sigma's approaches are based on facts and data.

Four step: Tools

The tools refers to DMAIC processes.

Anyway,through flexible structure and  management of process we can timely solve problems and conflicts as well as improve work efficiency. If we solve problems and conflicts during the processes, we can easily improve customer satisfaction. What's more, we can combine approach based on facts and data with DMAIC processes to improve work efficiency and reduce cost. If we reduce cost, our stakeholders would achieve more profits.

In short,  six sigma make us achieve high customer satisfaction and more profits for stakeholders, so six sigma is successful and it can achieve continual improvement. If both customers and stakeholders feel happy,  the transformation is successful.

November 17, 2010

What is six sigma?

What is Six Sigma?

PMI's aim is to facilitate continual improvement.

PMI's 6 sigma is a methodology and business philosophy used to continuously improve an organization. This organization's components are independent, but also more interdependent each other.

6 Sigma is used by organizations to rapidly transform this organization into an excellence system.

Six Sigma focus on cost reduction and profits what bringing from technology.

a)      Problem solving : variability

b)      Process redesign: waste reduction

c)      Product defects: prevention, not measure

d)      Customer loyalty: meet customers' needs

When at the stage of program management, leadership focus on execution, namely, at this stage 6 Sigma may be a good choice.

November 10, 2010

Interesting findings

During today's reading , I found some interesting points :

Six sigma is based on TQM.

TQM famous as PDS(C)A, and Six sigma depend on DMAIC processes.

TQM and Six sigma both focus on process, howerver, Deming's SOPK focus on people.

How to use six sigama to deliver a transformation?

I think the key element is leadership.

Deming's SOPK

Deming's sopk four point:

-Appriciate for a system:
Deming described that organization should execute as a system. If only optimize one component , it would destroy collaboration climate between other components. All componnets stable and continous improvement rely on interdependent. The more interdependent, the more collaboration.

-Knowledge about variation:
If an organization pursue excellence goals or functions, it needs to make changes. How to change ? Depending on theories? I don't agree. During the changes would appear some special variations or tempering, organization leadership have to control these variations.But 'control' is not the best choice, leadership should take preventive measures to reduce loss rather than waste lots of time deal with risk.

-Theory of knowledge:
Based on theories and stable statistics to predict the future risk and opportunities.

Organizations are composed by people. No people, no organizations. Understanding people is virtal for organizational leaders. Respect and innovate individuals in organizations can effectively optimize organizational processes and achieve organizational goals.

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