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April 09, 2011

No causes, no results

The transfer of world wealth is to bring with a brilliant, or bring with a ruin?

No unprovoked wars, no unprovoked earthquakes and all kinds of disasters.

No causes, no results.

The so-called transfer of world wealth is to accelerate the development of society. Is this required by people or by your greedy heart? Is it human being¡¯s needs or your needs?

It is not your fault, because you also do not know what you are doing. You also do not know what faith is, and you also do not know what is worth to trust. You are also the victims of the system. You are also numb to seek a stimulus, another stimulus; a happy, and another happy. After the happy or stimulus is a long term pain for you, so only another bigger stimulus and another greater exciting could bring comfort to you. It is not your fault. This is our system.

If the wars and the transfer of wealth are in order to build a new system, a new order, could we support you? If the system has qualitative change, we should support you. All sacrifices of human beings and the pain of the earth are worthwhile. In that new systems all young people, all their energy and power dedicated to the development of new systems rather than corruption, which is a virtuous circle of the system  instead of worse circle.

But, if there is no qualitative change, are the wars valuable? What are you doing? Are you transferring yourself to become monsters quickly? Or are you transferring the world to faster run to perish? Or are you transferring all people to become animals like you, and you still can control them, because you are still the kings of the animals.  Monsters cannot control people, so only transfer people to be animuals, you can still control them. Is this your purpose?

What is human being sacrificing? What is the earth sacrificing?

April 02, 2011

Interesting Vedio

This is an interesting link from Vegalis's blog 'sharing information'. I do like this vedio, so I saved it in my blogs.

Haha... how lovely two babies. They have their own languages.

Look at that two babies, they cannot speak languages but they communicate very well. Why ? They understand each other. Even if no voice, I think they also can communicate well.

Why do we learn to speak language? Communication.

Why do we need to communicate? Understand.

Why do we need to be understood and understand others? Resonance.

Why do we need resonance?  We need to be trust and trust others.

Why do we need trust?  We need the sense of security.

Why do we need the sense of security? We need to be secerely treated.

Why do we need to be secerely treated? Because the system we lived in is not secere enough.  

So the purpose of communication is to understand and to be understoood rather than to speak more.

Haha...thanks the two lovely babies. I do like them. Thanks Vegalis' sharing.

March 31, 2011

What should we believe in?

What should we believe in ?

Do we believe in the God? The God is sleeping.

Do we believe in the system? The system is not fairness itself.

Do we believe in someone? But he/she suddenly become like a stranger.

Do we believe in money? Yes, money let us happy first, and then money control us for a long time until we die.

Should I believe in what ?

March 26, 2011

Wish my friends happy weekend (upgrade)

The world is not fairness itself

The world is not fairness itself

I read Vagelis' blog just now. Edward supports to design comfort for others. But why no one to coach that monsters who are attacking Libya to design a  comfort world for us ??? This let me see the ugly human nature. People are always afraid of the strong and bullying the weak. I am sad to see the monster's nature. we are human being. why do not we throw out monster's nature? Monsters are attacking Libya, but public media are telling stupid voice to confuse and interfer people's judgement. Opportunity?? Or distain?? Who are you ?? Why Libya needs 'your opportunity'? Libya's oil make you feel uncomfortble, so every monster has their different purpose.  

If a kind of existence make others uncomfortable, such as Mozart, his existence makes other musicans who lived at the same time with Mazart feel a fool. How could he design comfort for others? If Mazart gave up his music, he could easily let others comfortable. But if Mazart do like that, is he still Mazart ? Shall we listen to his music today?

If you do not understand Mazart's music, please shut up!!! No one think you are tone deaf!!! His music just prepared for ones who could understand and appreciate it. Your voice only to increase noise, like a crow!!! Why do you feel uncomforble when you listen to his music ? Does his music let you feel intangible uncomforble threat? If the answer is yes, it proves that you are a real fool. No one force you to understand and appriciate his music.

I sympathize with Libya's current situation. Stopping the civil war, Libya people. To fight that monsters although the world is not fairness. Best wished for you!

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