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February 24, 2011

calm & rational

Calm & Rational

Keeping calm and rational is so important. We can easy to keep body calm, but it is hard to keep heart calm.

This process is as important as producing influence.

In particular, in urgent situation whether keeping calm would have a big influence on making decision.

This process requires both tolerance and the ability to adjust self quickly.

Oh, big challenge! Come on !!! Calm! Calm! Calm!

February 23, 2011

Hotel practical class

Yesterday, I had a wonderful practical class: Hotel. In our team we have two leaders, Awal and Thomas. Both of them are pretty goood. Awal and Thomas' style of leadership is totally different, this made me so happy to enjoy them leading. Awal goods at listening and encouraging. haha... I like this. Wonderful, Awal. Thomas goods at making a decision. Haha.. he  lets me feel a strong positional power. This positional power doesn't mean he likes to control. At least, I did not feel his control. Thomas indeed good at making a quick decision at the end. I admire this. Wonderful, Thomas. I enjoyed the two different styles. Thank you, Awal. Thank you, Thomas.

Your ways of leading made me realize that the leadership indeed is a process. Leadership needs some time to influence followers thoughts. We can easy to improve performance if we realized some behaviours are not so good. But it is indeed hard to change mind. Because our mind is from heart. Do we easy to change heart? At least, for me, the answer is no. So it is hard to influence the thoughts. Indeed, this is a process. I can totally understand "leadership is a process of influencing followers' thoughts and activites"(Paul, 2011). Paul's difinition is wonderful, I just fully understand the first pharase. The latter pharase I cannot fully understand it now. I just understand the words meaning, not deeper understand the inner meaning.

Thanks Pauls' wonderful class. Thanks our leaders, Awal and Thomas.

New understanding about leadership

Leadership is a wisdom to balance leading power and positional power. When leaders should develop leading power? when should develop positional power? This depends on different tasks and followers' characters. Why leaders need followers? Who are them real followers? Why followers follow leaders? Leadership leads depand on what ? Everyone has different ideas about this. But the goats never can lead the lion. Goats do not have that ability!!!

February 20, 2011

About scores

Today I am pleased to encounter with Vagelis. When we talked about scores, I totally agree with his idea. Yes, it is not necessary for us to study for scores. The score system is dead, but we are live. Why do we want to be a good student? for marks? No. never!!!

My friend, Vagelis, I appreciate your evaluation about my father in your blogs, "Your father seems to be a great person." Yes, my father is great in my heat forever. But he has not taught me how to stand up my belief. I do not know why. He always gave me absolutely freedom. I had never learned for scores when I was a student. I always learned what I want to learn, I thought what I want to think. But we lived in the world anywhere is prison. I thanks my father save me out of the prison. But where is my firm belief ? Every time, I mentioned about this question, he told me it's your happiness, you find it by yourself. Oh......where, where, where, I am looking for ...Haha... everytime I walked around a cycle , then I  found my happiness is still their happiness. Again, and again, back to the origin place.

I am happy you have found your belief, Vagelis. Yes, fight for what you want to fight. I support you !!! Come on !!!

February 18, 2011

Two interesting questions

When I read Rong's blog 'Deming's theory, the ultimate focus' in this morning, I am interested in his two main questions.

One is about culture incompatible.

Indeed, we come from all over the world, our ways of thinking and habits are different. So why do we force us to accept perhaps totally different ways of thinking , then put ourselves into the prison?  If we learn things and culture is not compatible with ourselves culture, it is less useful in the practical.  

Howerver, why don't  we accept a totally different culture  ? The more different , the more conflict ; then the deeper thinking, the more interesting. Furthermore, different cultures can develop and stimulate another ways of thinking. A great difference promote a greater progress. Oh, conflict is great. Conflit can bring a disaster, it also can bring a greater progress.

Another question is Deming's theory

We respect and appreciate Deming's great achivement and  great contributions in the Japan's industry, and even in the world industry. But it is not all his theories suitable for all industries and all countries. No matter what, Deming is great. We thank his contributions and achievements.

Here, sincerely thank Rong's blogs. Haha...Wonderful ! Thank you, Rong.

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