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March 06, 2011

sorry, scores. I never love you

I just read Vagelis' blogs and give him my comment about his PIUSS scores....

I cannot keep calm now and I feel that perhaps MBE is the only freedom area in WMG, and even in Warwick....

We lived in a prison. we can see the prison almost everywhere in the world, but why so many ridiculous system still exsit well in the world, and their family members are so huge ? Are we blind? or are they blind? or is God blind?

The world is calling for fairness, freedom, integrity all the time, but if the system self is not fairness, not freedom , not integrity, how can we do things fairness, freedom and integrity?...................

We come here to learn continuous improvement.............but if the system is not a good system, it is hard to cultivate creativity students. That is why leaders cannot be trained and tought by any organizations. Leaders can not be batch production, because there is no that good system. But leaders can be guiding, I never doubt this even if I have no evidence to prove it...........................

What is their ridiculous logic ? ........For example, in a company there are two department leaders, one leader hired 10 people and achieved 10000 pounds for company; another leader hired 100 people and achieved 10000 pounds for company, which one is the better ? If the system assessed that the second one is better,because it hired 100 people and they do more work than 10 people, how do you think?..... Hoho....... this is their ducks' logic.

Do you want to compromise scores?............ No, never!!!

But knowledge and personalities are not enemies. Yes, so I would try to love two of them, but not scores.

March 03, 2011

Philosophy is important

Philosophy is important

Deming is a philosopher. Just as Vagelis mentioned in his blog Deming indeed transformed his philosophy into management practice.

But Deming's SOPK could still impact on today's organizational development ?  Deming's philosophy indeed bring about a revolution in Japan's industry in the past. But the world is changed so fast, his philosophy could bring about another revolution in the future?

We learn leadership but do we can become leaders? If books can make us become leaders everywhere can be seen leaders. No followers, everywhere is leaders. Is this world exsit ?

How many philosophers' wisdom can be created a new theory ?


Oh, today perhaps I am a bit negative. But I think above perhaps indeed are some questions.

Where are the answers ? Hoho...., guys, happy to discuss with you....

The world have the same two leavies ?

Does the world have the same two leavies ?

How many different kinds of trees in the world?

How many different leavies in a tree?

Is there same leaf in a tree ?

I do not know the real answer. But I ever heared that there were no same leaf in the world.

I am not sure whether there is scientific basis for this answer.

Just like two-twin or three-twin, they look like the same.

But are they really the same? No, they are not the same.

There must be some nature is different between them.

February 25, 2011

A great organization appeared…

A great organization appeared.....

In today's class I see a great organization appeared, this is our MBE. At least, in my eyes this is a great organization.

Because this organization is made up of around fifty young and passion guys. Every one is the best one there! Everyone has different strengths there.

They respect each other, they drive each other, and they help each other.

More importantly, they move forward together!!! Not single!!!

I am proud we have the 'win-win' family culture.

I enjoy here, I love here.

In ten or twenty years later, do we remember this enjoyable time in our life? I hope the answer is yes!!!

Come on, guys. Let's move forward together! Let's drive each other together! Let's appreciate each other ! Pursuing excellence is our direction!!!

I'm proud to be one of MBE.

Wish all of us a good weekend.

Go away fire…

I prepared to go to bed just now. But I smelt a sense of firing.  

One the one hand, this week is our leadership practical execise. Why we come here? Everyone wants to be a leader. So this execise stimulates everyone's inner desire. Everyone wants to win. So conflicts happened. The good enviroment is a win-win organization. I think the biggest enemy is self. without 'control' as well as never be allowed 'be controlled'. 

One the other hand, we come from all around the world. Our context is different, so our ways of thinking is different. Even if in the same country, most of people have totally different ways of thinking, let alone we come from different country. So 'go away fire....'

MBE culture is a win-win culture(Paul, 2011). We are happy here to learn, and we enjoy here.

Cheers guys. All of you are the best one !!! Trust yourself is enough!!!

Come on !!! Let 'win-win' move forward! Let's say goodbye to 'fire'....

Good night!! guys.

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