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May 23, 2011

KBAM–based Organization…

KBAM-based Organization........

An organization needs KM (knowledge management) to develop intangible knowledge asset, and support AM (asset management) to develop tangible asset. An organization focuses on both intangible knowledge asset and tangible real property can effectively enhance completive strengths.

KM emphasizes on people's intelligence and IT support. A knowledge-sharing environment is important to develop intelligence and knowledge creation. AM focuses on optimizing investment and risk management. It is not doubt that almost all business operation is in around the costs and benefits. How about our life? Is the life also in around the costs and benefits? I hope the answer is no......

KM and AM need HRM's (human resource management) support and knowledge-sharing environment. KM contributes to develop knowledge asset to improve people's performance. AM emphasizes on developing real property to contribute stakeholder's interests. If an organization improved people's performance and increased stakeholder's interests, this organization's performance was improved. That is KBAM contributes organization's better performance. So organization needs KBAM, and a good business is KBAM-based.

April 27, 2011

The gaps between theories and actions

Sometimes we may do someting is not very good or lack of rational thinking. I am sorry for that.

In CBE, we learned how to build LO;

In PIUSS, we learned how to improve processes;

In PEUSS, we learned  how to optimize processes;

In Leadership, we learned how to lead self;

In RDM, we learned how to make a robust decision;

In MOC, we learned how to responsive to change;

In KBAM, we lerned how to develop KBAM-based organizations to ahieve better perfromance;

But why actions are far behind theories ?

April 15, 2011


Assuming ignore uniform motion situation. When the object and the direction of the force consistent, force will produce acceleration. Similarly, when two kinds of thinking are at the same direction, it will produce thinking acceleration. However, when two kinds of thinking are at the opposite direction, thinking will do slower movement. Is this good or bad ?...........No one object can do acceleration forever. Thus, it is inevitable to do slower movement because of opposite direction. But........should we resist this opposite direction or accept opposite direction?

Force and opposite  force are existed at the same time, the stronger force, the stronger resistance. How about thinking? Is it the stronger resistance , the stronger progress.........? Is it the similar principle ? or not ?.....I do not know now.

In the real world, why do people misunderstand each other during their communication ? Sometimes, people will feel that it is not easy to communicate with some ones, why this phenomenon exsit ? It is because of thinking refraction. When light from one medium to another medium, it occurs refraction. Whether is it the similar principle that when thinking from one person to another person will occur refraction ? That is why people misunderstand others or be misunderstood. 

Do not exist complete understanding. For example, when many individuals appreciate the same music, different people have different understandings and feelings about the same song or dance. Even if someone who is the artist's  best friend or wife or husband, their understanding still exist a little gap with the artist himself or herself. In other words, thinking will occur refraction duiring the communication. What ranges are the resonance areas?

Climate change & KBAM

Climate change & KBAM (knowledge-based asset management)

In today's class, we have an interesting discussion about whether the 'climate change exercise' should be moved away from KBAM module exercise. Yes, look at the words meaning, 'climate change' indeed have no linkage with KBAM.

In the real world, we are interested in asset management, because it is about money, money is about position, position is about control, control is about happy....Yes, if we can control, we feel happy. But it is only a short time happy, because no one likes to be controlled. In other words, the purpose of money is to control, yet the result of controlling is to be resisted or overthrown. That is to say, the asset management eventually leads to a failure if ones do not realize its surroundings. Thus, knowledge-based asset management approach is not enough, we need climate change exercise.

One reason is about the awareness of variation. The economic climate is changed so fast, at the same time it never changed. The variation of economic climate is the similar principle with the variation of  cloud. It is hard for us to control the cloud, thus we face and accept so fast weather changes. However, no matter how to change, its manifestations are wind, rain, thunder, snow, etc. It is the similar principle in economic climate. So that is why we say that economic climate is changed so fast as well as never change.

Another reason is about environment management. The environment around us is becoming worse nowadays, human beings realized this 'risk', but the worse situation still cannot be stopped. Similarly, asset management will bring with final 'failure' if we igore the environment (economic enviroment & climate enviroment) changes.

Actually, ecomomic environment and climate environment interact with one another. That's why we need climate change exercise in KBAM. This is not a knowledge learning, it is a awareness learning.

April 12, 2011

No heaven, no hell

No heaven, no hell

In today's class, when we talk about climate....I was thinking is there God in the atmosphere? The climate is becoming worse, if God live in the atmosphere, how about his/her/its feeling? Where is his/her/its heaven? Is the heaven in the atmosphere? Hahaha.....the God's home must be destroyed by people if the heaven is in the atmosphere.

Then, I was thinking where is God's hell. Is his/her/its hell in the core of the earth? Oh, the hell also was destroyed by people. I cannot image how worse it would be ........

If God's heaven was destroyed and the hell was also destroyed, what would be happen?......So, please stop all destroyed activities,  so-called matter you are the kings of animuals or you are the kings of people, at least you are a group of  kings.....The awareness of yours are much more valuable and useful than public awareness.....You are calling for public awareness, but look at youself, what you are doing...? On the one hand, you are calling for public awareness, on the other hand, you are starting the wars.....You are the greatest liars who weared the most beautiful masks.

You destroyed the heaven, and you destroyed the hell, what's left you did not damage?.......You will go to another planets, that's your plan. How about so huge numbers of people? For you, they are just your animuals, our 'loved' kings....Of course, it is not your fault. Perhaps you do not want to do that, only that lots of monsters behind of you. Where the monsters come from ? They come from the hell because the hell was destroyed....Oh, worse circle....

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