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December 18, 2010

Snow, Gift

It is snowing now. How beautiful the world!!!

Welcome, sonw! welcome you come to the world. 

Thank you for bringing a surprising and pleasure to the world.

Thank you for bringing with more warm and love as a Christmas gift to the world.

Perhaps the majoyrity of parents and children , friends, classmates, colleagues are staying together to enjoy the pleasure you brought for them. 

Actually, you bring a good opportunity to make people feel more warm and love from the world. You bring with happiness to them.

Thanks snow! Thanks your special gift in Christmas season.

December 09, 2010

Do not lose heart

A very wise person told me: do not lose heart. It gives me a big inspiration. Sincerely thanks him too much . In our lives, opportunity and temptation always come together, so it is not easy to distinguish them. But temptation is not an opportunity. If it is a temptation, do not hesitate to give it up . No matter how big temptation we will meet in the future, it is just a temptation and cannot produce any values . If it is an opportunity, we should try to do it better. It is worth to cherish any small opportunity, because it could produce values.

So listen to heart is very important. It will tell us what is really important for us. Only wisdom, sincerity and love are able to open the widow of heart. It means we will lose wisdom, sincerity and love if we lose heart. We never find happiness and warm from the world if we lost it.

If one day we own nice reputation and enough money , shall we become the most happiness people in the world? Perhaps the answer is not. It is just like Hawking described 'black hole', you never find the bottom until having a date with the Gold you could stop it.

When you happy to have a meet with God, perhaps you find that you lost the most important heart during the journey. But you have no opportunity to get it back, it is too late. All our efforts eventually are for happiness. But if we lost our heart during the life journey, we never find happiness and love from the world. Anytime, listen to it, it would tell us where we should go. And it would give us power and guide us move forward.

If we lose heart, we never feel sincere, never find love, never feel warm from the world . No heart, no soul. If a person no soul, no matter how long he or she can live, it is no meaning for life. Only hold your heart, you could feel warm and love from the world. No matter when, no matter what you did, keeping and holding it .

December 08, 2010

Will the earth abandon us?

Will the earth abandon us ?

Every time the serious financial crises would lead to the War to reposition the world division of wealth and labor force.

This time is history will repeat itself?

Our earth can withstand the World War III? Our Mother Earth is crying, but why do  not we see it?

In order to meet the endless greed of human nature, human beings are destroying at the expense of the life of Mother Earth.

Perhaps one day the earth really will be ruined, it is not by UFO but by the endless greed of human beings.

If that day comes, the earth could give us opportunity to look back? No way!

It has been mercilessly hurt again and again and we never considered its feelings.

When it really angry one day, we have no chance to request forgiveness.

This tragic end is caused by the endless greed of humanity.

Earth is not abandoning us, but we abandoned the earth first.

So we can only be disappeared from the earth if we continue ignoring the pain of earth.

Hope that day never comes.

December 02, 2010

A response to Sue

My friend, thank you  for your understanding .I agree with you. Our choice indeed could not look back, because we only have once life. Regardless of the right or wrong choice, as long as our own choice we should continue to move forwards without hesitation. No matter our life is success or failure, we should try to no regrets. Everyone in life will encounter various difficulties and setbacks, but please do not give up.You said you and your friend lead separate lives now, but you can feel thoughts one another. We sincerely treat all friends around us, but not everyone can really understand you.When you no longer expect someone who can truly understand you, you have walked out of lonely. Congratulations, you have found true inner balance of yourself. When we find a balanced heart, the life around us is also balanced.Only a balanced heart can give more love to your cherished individuals or other things around you. The process of finding true inner balance is a painful and lonely journey, but we have no choice.Life seems like a cycle: unbalanced, balanced, again unbalanced, and balanced. The ways of life is a cycle process, but our choice cannot look back.I hope that you keep going without looking back.Finally, I sincerely wish that you have an excellence future.

Snow, hero !

In this morning, efficiency was very slow and I was not in the state.So I started to look out of the window, it was snowing, again. I was surprised and excited. I like snow.

Suddenly I discovered that how beautiful snow is; I have always liked snow before, because the white world is beautiful.But I never carefully thought about why it was snow? Why snow comes to this world?Is it a simple natural phenomenon? I am not very specifically understood the processes of how to snow. But in fact, snow is a living; they have their own language only that we do not understand it .

Perhaps snow is falling on the head of Obama or Hillary's hair, or falling in the trash, no matter which corner they are falling, they has always been no regrets. They did not hesitate to fulfill their duties and obligations: In order to nurture new life of spring. Even if they instantly evaporate in the sunshine, they still did not hesitate to come to this world; even though their lives may be only a few seconds, they never flinch from difficulties. I am deeply shocked by their spirit, and I gave my most heartily admiration and appreciation to their courageous spirit.

Each piece of snow plays a role of soldier; they have their own mission and duties. Snow comes into the world and brings warm to the world. The cold brought by them is just a manifestation, their mission and duties are to nurture new life of spring, so they are the real angels to bring warm to the world. No matter whether human beings realized their existence, or whether we welcome them come to the world, or even whether we understood their spirit, snow never flinch and hesitate to love the world, so they contribute and sacrifice their own power and life to bring with warm to the world.What a great spiritual power. Give my most sincere admiration, again! Snow, Hero!!

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