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October 24, 2010

Cherish friendship

Cherish friendship around you, please.

There are about 6.5 billion people around the world. If average life span of human beings is 70 years old, effective life is about 60 years. That is to say, everyone has 1.87 billion seconds including time of sleeping, eating, watching movies, and so forth. Even if you recognize a guy spend only one second, no time to know his name, no time to say hello, just only an eye contact, when finished your life journey, you only recognize 28.8% of the human beings. However, this figure is not to reach, because no one can recognize a guy within one second, and 24-hour no stop to meet others. Even though one-sixth of life time (four hours every day) is used to communicate with others, one second recognizes one person, we only recognizes 0.002% of human beings. Unluckily, this figure is also not to reach. In general, we recognize one person at least 10 minutes (600 seconds).In other words, we can recognize less than 0.000003% of human beings when we finished our life journey. To our disappointed, the fingure is almost difficult to achieve. So cherish both new friends and old friends around you.

Perhaps one day the earth is a family, because we have a common enemy called alien, we still do not know they will come from which planets. So cherish your family members and friendship around you. Maybe one day one of them will leave from you, because he or she went to another place, or a place called heaven, and you will never meet each other again.

Therefore, please cherish them around you. When they need help, please give them more help; when they need care, please give them more care. No matter how busy you are, and how important things you have to do, please put your family members and friendship first. They need you, and you also need them.

Sorry, my friend

My dear friend, maybe you had arrived home. Are you ok? Hope you are ok.

Although you cannot hear apologize for you, I still want to say sorry to you.

Sorry to refuse your talk that day because of my busy work.

Two days later when I heard the bad news about you, I was so sad not talking to you last time.

I blamed myself these days, I felt sorry and sad about your departure.

Perhaps you considered my busy work, so you didn't want to waste my time.

It doesn't matter, if you have important things to talk with me, please let me know.

But I know I cannot change the happened things.

Since you have decided, I support your decision.

You make such a bold decision, hope you have an excellence future.

Although I feel lonely sometimes, especially when I came back alone at night and when I met with some difficulties, I don't know whom I will talk with.

I know I cannot give up, because this is my choice.

Hope you everything is well.

October 13, 2010

Understanding about Deming's OL cycle

Writing about web page

Leadership seem to be a bridge between the five 'Enablers'and four 'Results'.Leadership plays an important role on developing an excellent organization.

In terms of organization , organizational learning is inevitable. Organizational learning system through a cyrcle adapted from Deming(1990)to tell us that knowledge learning needs three stages:

  1. The first stage is statistics, in this stage we need to obtain relevant and useful information through lots of references. The traditional references include the inspection of books, magazines and newspapers. Additionally, the current popular methods including the Internet, reading DVD, consulting relevant staff(senior experts and professors).
  2. The second stage is psychology of the individual.Everyone has different educational backgrounds, different family culture, different work experience, different values of life, and different life goals, so they have different psychology activities. This stage seems to be a container which used to transform A into B. It is no doubt that psychology of individual is the most difficult and painful stage. But if you overcome this stage and through system thinking, you will have your own views different from others.
  3. The third stage is system thinking, this stage needs to generate new ideas about relevant topic.

Anyway, we need to input useful and relevant information as much as possible in the statistics stage, then try our best to transform it although it's painful in the psychology of individual stage , finally we achieve a good result and output our own ideas in the system thinking stage . Through the cycle we are able to  transform  knowledge into our own ideas .

Deming described  that processes drive results. That is if we want to change the results you need change the processes as well as associated behaviors. The processes result in the results. In other words, good processes result in good results and bad processes result in bad results. In short, if we want to change something, we need to learn more.

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