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October 31, 2010

Why China need to accelerate the pace of political reform?

Why China need to accelerate the pace of political reform?

Several years ago the government had realized that they need political reform, but it is still no practical actions. I think...China's current situations are not so good, if we want to absolutely resolve it, the government need to accelerate the pace of political reform.

China is facing a serious challenging from international environment and domestic environment.

International climate:

The concept of 'strikes' appeared in front of Chinese in 2008. Before 2008, it is nearly hard to listen to some events about 'strikes'. Why after 2008 strikes were appeared ...? I think... international climate is one of the major causes. Financial crisis heavily attracted the real economy. Maybe¡­the virtual economy is good, but real economy is worse than before. I think¡­ the virtual economy 'hot' is not a real situation. I is a well-planned conspiracy executed by elite behind the scenes. We do not know who they are. Why I think so...? You know, 2.6 trillion foreign exchange reserves (now less than 2.6 trillion because of shrinking) have continued shrinking because of continuous depreciation of dollars. At the same time, exporting companies are facing great pressure because of depreciation of dollars. Unluckily, the government of Obama forced appreciation of RMB, which further intensified the pressure on survival of exporting companies. Furthermore, the appreciation of RMB made the foreign exchange reserves shrank again!!! Additionally, appreciation of RMB made the very-low profits of exporting companies from only 5% down to 2% even zero. Many factories engaged in exporting industry began to bankruptcy because of the worse international climate. Factories' bankruptcy, workers'  unemployment, students cannot find jobs, migrant workers forced to return home¡­a series of bad situations led to strikes. Maybe...­these situations will be worse at least within 5 years...or...I don't know how long these situations can be stopped. We only hope the international climate better as soon as quickly, we hope the elite can be woken up their soul and ethic. Hope... But I know, they often let us disappointed. They are no soul, no country and lack of attachment. Their greatest happiness is to pursuit wealth. They never consider and sympathize people's suffering, because they only worship money. Money is God for them. One thing is worth worrying...maybe...the worst situation is still not coming A huge number of money entered into the real estates, stocks market and futures market, they pushing up house price, stocks price, and selling futures. Elite are trying their greatest efforts to force appreciation of RMB and accelerate deprecation of dollars. Why they do this...? I think all their efforts are to call hot money into China as much as possible. They want to attack China without weapon , just currency war. Money is where, they are appeared where, when they gone...serious financial crisis happened. Pursuit of huge and  endless wealth is their life goles and greatest happiness. Just like attacked Japan in 1980s. strong dollar times coming is the moment of China's bubble bust... At that time, lots of factories will be bankrupted, a host of workers unemployeed and without salaries for them to buy food, young people cannot find jobs when they gratuate from university,and migrant workers forced to return home... Oh, I cannot image it. How awful!  ­Maybe that moment is just the most difficult time. Hope it's never come . So, before strong dollar times coming, befor hot money withdraw from China, hope the governments speed up the pace of political reforms. Only political reforms can help China out of this trap and help people out of bad situations. It's so urgent.

Domestic climate:

The domestic climate is also not so good. In recent years, some officials cannot resist the lure of money lead to corruption and bribery. I think... this condition exist in every country. But China has so many people, so many officials, even if few officers' corruption and bribery will become more common than other countries. Corruption and bribery make people's needs not been resolved timely, complainant were accumulated, so it also sparked the strikes. I think  this is another reason why governments needs political reforms. Political reforms can stop these bad conditions from roots.

Anyway, how to solve current complex issues?

Hope international financial speculators give a way? No way! Money is God for them.

Hope entrepreneurs improve processes to reduce costs and improve quality, and then increase employees' salaries...? It is a good idea. Some industries and companies are doing like that. The governments have called industrial upgrading, but it is just less than two years, so did not see obvious good results. China is too large, the best conditions and the worst sufferings are both exiting today. Nervertheless, I think improving processes and reducing costs may not absolutely change current complex issues. That is because entrepreneurs are facing the greatest survival pressure. Even if hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs are willing to do like that, which just only ease conditions worse; it cannot stop and absolutely resolve low prices, low salaries, and even strikes. However, even though entrepreneurs are facing great pressure, they should still take responsibility and try their best to ease these bad situations, it is their obligations and duties to employees.

Hope governments take obiligations for their people again, like thirty-two years ago. Indeed, the governments have done some things like industrial upgrading, expansion of domestic demand, and so forth. China's future is still full of hope, even though some conspiracies make it into trap. Yet here... maybe...another most important and difficult strategy is to promote political reforms. Primer Wen is trying his best to promote political reform. Although he met with the greatest resistance from international and domestic interest groups, he has been adhering to promote it.

Hopes... Whishes ...Cheer up !

October 29, 2010

Next currency war in China ?

Is currency war in China?

Since after 2008, almost all over the world was implicated by financial crisis, China is no exception.

Most people thought that China has a promising future, but I don't think so.

China has about 2.6 trillion foreign exchange reserves which has continued shrinking because of the continuous depreciation of dollar.

The government of Obama forced appreciation of the renminbi, which further made the foreign exchange reserves shrank.

Thirdly, a black hand has entered into China several years ago.

A huge number of hot money injected into China's real estate, stock market, future market, and other finance market, therefore China looks like a investment 'hot area'. Unluckily, it may be a long premeditated conspiracy. Is it a real conspiracy? Is currency war in China? Even if it is a conspiracy, what should we do? ... best wishes!

October 28, 2010

How to monitor progress ?

How to monitor progress?

I think ...monitor progress maybe depend on a intangible culture, like conscious, self-decipline and responsibility.

Although 'control ' information can monitor progress well sometimes, but it's not for a long-term trend.

Perhaps, monitor progress finally depend on people's performance.

If people have excellence performance, the progress will be operated well automatically, howerver, if people have worse performance, the progress will be encountered  strong resistance and obstacles.

So, I think... monitor progress is to monitor people, monitor people is to 'guide' people not 'control'.

How to create a small business?

Making Organizational Learning Cycle in practice...

We have finished the learning of organizational learning cycle. There is a question here : whether we can use  this cycle  to create a small business? Maybe ... 

In practice, how to create a small business?

Step1: Inspiration. (Collect information)

Someone was inspired by input information or collected information from external environment or internal environment, accordingly he or she wants to create a small business.

Step2: Producing new ideas

Someone produces several new ideas about his or her small business, like he or she wants to open a coffee shop, a fashion shop, an educational institution and so forth.

Step3: Making a right choice

Someone finally chooses an educational institution and he or she hopes this institution is a learning organization

Step4: Action

Someone starts to take action on how to create a learning organization

Step4.1: Seeking special partner to set up a learning organization together.(collect information)

    How to choose candidates?

    Seeking candidates based on the following conditions:

a)      Ethic & ability

Future partners should have both ethic and abilities. When need to choose between moral and abilities, moral priority. If someone who is high performance but lack of honesty and attachment, it is not necessary to choose him or her. That is because he or she will bring about negative events to his or her partners and organizations. Losses from his or her outweigh benefits.

b)      Similar values of life

Values of life will affect his or her behavior in many ways, which will directly influence organizational behaviors. Additionally, if some individuals have similar views of life and similar views of world, it is easy for them to communicate their real heart. It is beneficial to reduce communication barrier and minimize misunderstanding at the crucial moment.

c)      Common goal

Common goal is a necessary prerequisite for collaboration. For a common goal, human, material and financial resources can be maximized use or be played a largest role. Clear and common goal has the power to centralize all sorts of resources.

Step4.2: Brainstorm/Discussing (produce new ideas)

Somebody could engage in the interviews on communication and discussion among conditions, and then choose the special partner in the light of ethic & ability, similar values of life, common goals and relevant context. Relevant context is important for conditions. For example, if student who has arts or law context and without any engineering context, I think it is difficult for him or her to apply MBE. Certainly, it is the general situation. If someone who is talent maybe can apply, too.

Step4.3: Making right choice/decision

Through communicating and discussing with candidates, he or she has chosen the unique partner. And then they do a long-term plan or strategy for their future in order to reach the good ending of win-win.

Step4.4: Action

The unique candidate take responsible action depend on PDC(S) A system

step4.4.1: Plan

A unique candidate needs to do a detailed plan or strategy in order to create a learning organization.

How to create a learning organization?

Step4.4.2: Do

a)      An exciting vision links followers together. Organizational goals are a complement to personal goals. Personal goal is not necessarily the organizational goals, but the achievement of organizational goals is contributed to achieve personal goals.

b)      Through inspiration stories, innovation symbols, and history of organization to build organizational culture. Actually, organizational culture is a belief or value, like "if you want to change, you need to learn more".  If this belief was agreed and accepted by followers, it is easy to become a learning organization. Organizational culture interact organizational behaviors.

c)      Designing a reasonable and effective structure. The combination of horizontal structure and vertical structure are contributed to an efficient management. A horizontal structure is able to instantly exchange ideas and share information among sectors/ departments or within mini-organization. A vertical structure can make a right decision as soon as possible.

d)      Setting up a feedback system.

First, from down to up (reflection of good or bad problems)

Then up to down (suggestion and comments)

Third, from different departments/sectors (discussing, sharing views)

Finally, from up to down again (make a right decision then execute it)

From above feedback system, it is not difficult to find that a feedback system help organization to discover problems and solve problems as soon as possible. In other words, the establishment of feedback system advances the developing of a learning organization. If necessary, training could be allowed in this stage.

e)      Technical support & services

A learning organization needs technical support to improve learning skills. Good services can reduce unnecessary waste of time and increase satisfaction of followers/employees.

Step4.4.3: Check/Study

What should we do in this stage?

I think we should consider external environment and internal environment:

External environment: Getting information from customers, suppliers, and stakeholders in order to meet their needs as much as possible.

Internal environment: Balancing and sharing human, market and financial resources in order to reduce waste of resources and increase utilization of resources.

Step4.4.4: Act

In this stage, managers learn how to manage by process. Manage by process,acutally manage by people.  

October 25, 2010

Organizational Learning Cycle

Last week, I was interested in Organizational Learning Cycle and Individual Learning Cycle during the learning of CBE. Following is my understanding about the two cycles.


Organizational Learning Cycle

Step 1: Generate

In this stage, I think organizational members should collecte information as much as possible from external enviroment and internal enviroment.

Step 2: Integrate

Combination of  parts into a whole.  Intergration everyone's infromation into organizational context. Like creating wiki, team memebers can put them information into a whole page.

Step 3: Interpret

Explaining, understanding and discussing of useful infromation or abstract concepts /theories. 

Wiki members explain and discuss their mini-project together, then choose some relevant and useful information , and remove useless information.

Step 4 : Act

Taking responsible action depand on 'PDC(S)A' cycle.

Individual Learning Cycle

Step 1 : Concrete experience

Engaging in the practices to gather infomation from customers, suppliers, conferences, and so forth. If someone wants to learn more, he or she should engage in practice positively.

Step 2 : Reflective observation

Combining specific, former experiences and knowledge to produce new ideas.

Recalling what was improtant and what was different from former experiences, thinking over and over then generating new views.

Step 3 : Abstract conceptulisation

Looking for answers and solutions for specific problems, then draw conclusions.

Step 4 : Active experience

Testing out conclusions or choices.

Anyway, individual learning and organizational learning influences each other. If someone has a perfect performance in individual learning , which will promote organizational learning. If  this organization has an excellence learning enviroment, which will also advance individual learning. In short, the two cycles both experience the following four steps:

Collecting information

Producing new ideas

Making a right choice/decision

Taking a responsible action depand on 'PDC(S)A'cycle.


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