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May 23, 2011

KBAM–based Organization…

KBAM-based Organization........

An organization needs KM (knowledge management) to develop intangible knowledge asset, and support AM (asset management) to develop tangible asset. An organization focuses on both intangible knowledge asset and tangible real property can effectively enhance completive strengths.

KM emphasizes on people's intelligence and IT support. A knowledge-sharing environment is important to develop intelligence and knowledge creation. AM focuses on optimizing investment and risk management. It is not doubt that almost all business operation is in around the costs and benefits. How about our life? Is the life also in around the costs and benefits? I hope the answer is no......

KM and AM need HRM's (human resource management) support and knowledge-sharing environment. KM contributes to develop knowledge asset to improve people's performance. AM emphasizes on developing real property to contribute stakeholder's interests. If an organization improved people's performance and increased stakeholder's interests, this organization's performance was improved. That is KBAM contributes organization's better performance. So organization needs KBAM, and a good business is KBAM-based.

May 13, 2011

the sun is sleeping…..

I watched a cartoon was a turbulent times, a group of animals with no hearts were attracting another group of animals with no minds. This war between them actually were carefully planned at least ten years ago, during those ten years, what the group with no hearts to do is to remove barriers and develop new lands. That is a fierce and brutal battle, but I think that is a stupid battle.

Could you image that two kinds of animals, one group with no heart, and anther group with no mind were killing each other? How about the results? .....I was laughing when I watched that clips, because no matter which group win, they are still animals; they cannot live like us 'human' who take in charge of the planet.

Is it a truth that human takes in charge of the planet? .....I do not know.....

How about the sun? ......How about the reality?....

This music is for people who move towards 4% direction and a hero who had been gone for 1% direction.  

May 07, 2011

The financial has always been seeking the hegemony road

The financial has always been seeking the hegemony road

Does Osama Bin laden's sacrifice help you to remove a thorn in Middle East? His sacrifice has made contributions for the election; don't you want to thank him?

The oil price is falling. How about the gold price and commodities? Where will your money have a trip? Directly go back to the United States? Of course not. It is because the Asia is a fat meat for you, how could you miss?

So you will go to emerging markets, and 'help' them to aggravate inflation, until you were filled, and then would you return to the United States? All of this will be infamous partitioned, how long do you need to finish this process?

Is this yours' financial hegemony path?

What is the next step after financial hegemony path? If you seek hegemony can fight alien one day, so seek hegemony it. But if you do not care for our planet, dominate the again how? Can you live on forever? No, you absolutely cannot live forever.

So what are you doing, human elites? What is the significance of your hegemony? Even for a stone after your death, it is no meanings if the planet were heavily destroyed by you, your stone will be still existed if the planet would be destroyed? Look at yourself, look at what you are doing, political and financial elites.

About 50 million Libya people are facing food crisis, isn't this a terrorist ? What is truth? What is bias?

May 05, 2011

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