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March 31, 2011

What should we believe in?

What should we believe in ?

Do we believe in the God? The God is sleeping.

Do we believe in the system? The system is not fairness itself.

Do we believe in someone? But he/she suddenly become like a stranger.

Do we believe in money? Yes, money let us happy first, and then money control us for a long time until we die.

Should I believe in what ?

March 26, 2011

Wish my friends happy weekend (upgrade)

The world is not fairness itself

The world is not fairness itself

I read Vagelis' blog just now. Edward supports to design comfort for others. But why no one to coach that monsters who are attacking Libya to design a  comfort world for us ??? This let me see the ugly human nature. People are always afraid of the strong and bullying the weak. I am sad to see the monster's nature. we are human being. why do not we throw out monster's nature? Monsters are attacking Libya, but public media are telling stupid voice to confuse and interfer people's judgement. Opportunity?? Or distain?? Who are you ?? Why Libya needs 'your opportunity'? Libya's oil make you feel uncomfortble, so every monster has their different purpose.  

If a kind of existence make others uncomfortable, such as Mozart, his existence makes other musicans who lived at the same time with Mazart feel a fool. How could he design comfort for others? If Mazart gave up his music, he could easily let others comfortable. But if Mazart do like that, is he still Mazart ? Shall we listen to his music today?

If you do not understand Mazart's music, please shut up!!! No one think you are tone deaf!!! His music just prepared for ones who could understand and appreciate it. Your voice only to increase noise, like a crow!!! Why do you feel uncomforble when you listen to his music ? Does his music let you feel intangible uncomforble threat? If the answer is yes, it proves that you are a real fool. No one force you to understand and appriciate his music.

I sympathize with Libya's current situation. Stopping the civil war, Libya people. To fight that monsters although the world is not fairness. Best wished for you!

March 21, 2011

I loved music

When I listened to Mazart's music today, I was a little frustrated. Why his music cannot be understood at his time? Even if it was created hundreds years ago, it is still shorcking people today. How great talent! No fear of anything!

His heart is always pure like a child, his love, his passion, and his whole life dedicated to his loved music. He conveys his love and tolerance of evil through his music. But why the society cannot accept his genius at that time? Why stupid people left out his genius in his time? Why his music was found wonderful after his died rather than his alive ?

When he died, people found his great and started to miss him. It makes me think about what are human beings once again. Are we really higher level than animals? We pursue excellence in order to distinguish from animals. But what is excellence ?.........

Mazart is excellent, but his society cannot accept his love, his integrity, his self-esteem and his genius.I am sad about his funeral. I am so ashamed human beings'  return for him in his time. When he was gone away, there was no sense of jealousy and uncomfortable. People started to appreciate his talent and his music. This was a little comfort for Mazart, but could he feel it ? Even if that was too late for Mazart, I still hope he could feel it forever. Dreams can save lives as well as dreams can kill lives. Is dream good or bad ?......No matter what, I love his music, every note is his language. They coveys his love, his passion and his pure heart.

March 19, 2011

RDD_MBE's eyes

RDD _ MBE's eyes

RDD module tought us how to make a decision in our life. It is not doubt that decision making is important for an individual or an organization. In an organization, leadership's decision always affects the direction of organizational development , and even the sucess or failure of this organization. So, the decision maker is just like the eyes of the organization. Similarly, RDD is just like the eyes of MBE.

Personally, in the real life, I like to make a decison depend on intuition. I know it is not good, but before this module, I do not know what method could make a better decision. Luckily, I understood that system thinking is a good way to make a better decision from this module.

But not every decision is made by that way. Thinking about that if we make every decision through system thinking, how tired our brain. So I still would like to make a decision based on intuition in daily life. Perhaps sometimes it will bring with bias. What is bias? One explanation_'a concentration on or interest in one particular area or subject' (Oxford dictionary); Another explantion_'inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group' (Oxford dictionary). If our bias is meaningful and valuable, why should we give up it ? The nature and the world need love bias, the left political monsters need against bias, I never doubt this. Yes, this is my bias! The original nature did not have any bias to human beings, how beautiful it is at ancient time. But when it is surround by lots of bias from morden people, nature will have a stronger and powerful bias. As vagelis's blog mentioned , 'it is a chain of bias'. Here thanks this wisdom. Yes, it is a chain. But nature is nature, no matter what , it will love people finally.

However, I firmly believe that an organization needs system thinking. Just like, MBE needs RDD, RDD needs system thinking to help us make a better decision. So, RDD is just like MBE's eyes.

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