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February 25, 2011

A great organization appeared…

A great organization appeared.....

In today's class I see a great organization appeared, this is our MBE. At least, in my eyes this is a great organization.

Because this organization is made up of around fifty young and passion guys. Every one is the best one there! Everyone has different strengths there.

They respect each other, they drive each other, and they help each other.

More importantly, they move forward together!!! Not single!!!

I am proud we have the 'win-win' family culture.

I enjoy here, I love here.

In ten or twenty years later, do we remember this enjoyable time in our life? I hope the answer is yes!!!

Come on, guys. Let's move forward together! Let's drive each other together! Let's appreciate each other ! Pursuing excellence is our direction!!!

I'm proud to be one of MBE.

Wish all of us a good weekend.

Go away fire…

I prepared to go to bed just now. But I smelt a sense of firing.  

One the one hand, this week is our leadership practical execise. Why we come here? Everyone wants to be a leader. So this execise stimulates everyone's inner desire. Everyone wants to win. So conflicts happened. The good enviroment is a win-win organization. I think the biggest enemy is self. without 'control' as well as never be allowed 'be controlled'. 

One the other hand, we come from all around the world. Our context is different, so our ways of thinking is different. Even if in the same country, most of people have totally different ways of thinking, let alone we come from different country. So 'go away fire....'

MBE culture is a win-win culture(Paul, 2011). We are happy here to learn, and we enjoy here.

Cheers guys. All of you are the best one !!! Trust yourself is enough!!!

Come on !!! Let 'win-win' move forward! Let's say goodbye to 'fire'....

Good night!! guys.

February 24, 2011

calm & rational

Calm & Rational

Keeping calm and rational is so important. We can easy to keep body calm, but it is hard to keep heart calm.

This process is as important as producing influence.

In particular, in urgent situation whether keeping calm would have a big influence on making decision.

This process requires both tolerance and the ability to adjust self quickly.

Oh, big challenge! Come on !!! Calm! Calm! Calm!

February 23, 2011

Hotel practical class

Yesterday, I had a wonderful practical class: Hotel. In our team we have two leaders, Awal and Thomas. Both of them are pretty goood. Awal and Thomas' style of leadership is totally different, this made me so happy to enjoy them leading. Awal goods at listening and encouraging. haha... I like this. Wonderful, Awal. Thomas goods at making a decision. Haha.. he  lets me feel a strong positional power. This positional power doesn't mean he likes to control. At least, I did not feel his control. Thomas indeed good at making a quick decision at the end. I admire this. Wonderful, Thomas. I enjoyed the two different styles. Thank you, Awal. Thank you, Thomas.

Your ways of leading made me realize that the leadership indeed is a process. Leadership needs some time to influence followers thoughts. We can easy to improve performance if we realized some behaviours are not so good. But it is indeed hard to change mind. Because our mind is from heart. Do we easy to change heart? At least, for me, the answer is no. So it is hard to influence the thoughts. Indeed, this is a process. I can totally understand "leadership is a process of influencing followers' thoughts and activites"(Paul, 2011). Paul's difinition is wonderful, I just fully understand the first pharase. The latter pharase I cannot fully understand it now. I just understand the words meaning, not deeper understand the inner meaning.

Thanks Pauls' wonderful class. Thanks our leaders, Awal and Thomas.

New understanding about leadership

Leadership is a wisdom to balance leading power and positional power. When leaders should develop leading power? when should develop positional power? This depends on different tasks and followers' characters. Why leaders need followers? Who are them real followers? Why followers follow leaders? Leadership leads depand on what ? Everyone has different ideas about this. But the goats never can lead the lion. Goats do not have that ability!!!

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