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January 23, 2011

Prevention & Quality

Prevention & Quality

Yesterday when I worked for my FACS pma suddenly my laptop cannot work. I just used it for three months and I trust SONY all the time. But this time SONY let me down. Only three months, so poor quality. Put this quality aside because I cannot control my SONY's quality.

But I clearly realized that prevention is so important. No matter in our lives or in the management area, prevention measures should be focused first. You will realize that if the problem happend actually you can do little to advance it. So prevention is a good choice before it happend. Once it happened, it is waste time to complain. So accept a loss, then you can find a new way to minimize loss. Just like China's state now , only accept the huge loss from RMB inflation and dollars deflation can save time and more energy to find a new way for people. Even if you do not want to accept loss, you must accept it then you can find a new way to resolve problem or minimize loss. My loved country, you need a courage to accept this huge loss , then you can keep a clear mind to find a new development direction for your people . We trust you!

In terms of quality, quality is the heart of the process. Companies all efforts are to improve the product quality again and again. If without quality , the design, the cost and the service would lose sunshine. Techonology, tools , process are all service for quality. Quality-Heart.

So what can I do for you my FACS pma ? I cannot take you out of my laptop and tomorrow 9.00 am is the deadline. But I did not abondon you my FACS. Good luck!

January 16, 2011

Swamp & Dead Cycle


Sometimes we put ourselves in the swamp but we never realized it. The swamp is different from pool. If we are not a swimmer and we were thrown into the center of pool, we struggle we can live. But if we were in the swamp, we struggle we died. So if we were in the swamp, stop struggling. Keep quiet, keep calm, then we can take ourseves out of the swamp. Sometimes, you are your biggest enemy. You put yourself in the prison, if you do not want to walk out, no one can drive you out. No drive is a calm drive. Walking in the fog is better than running in the wrong direction.

Dead Cycle

We may meet with some questions we cannot work out answer. Just like when we make a program we always meet with dead cycle. How do we deal with it? Jump out of it. Until one day it is necessary for us to redesign this system, we could rewrite this program as well as discard this dead cycle. The old cycle must throw away, we could write a new program. Before this, every time meet with dead cycle, jump out of it, otherwise this system would be crashed. No answer is a kind of answer.

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