March 18, 2011


Why do I choose SSM to make a decision? Because in the real world, we are always meet with some difficulties to make a decision. Especially when we are involved in that situation, it is difficult for us to make an effective decision. At that time, we throw out other tools behind us, and we always make a decision depend on our bias. We know that perhaps we make that decision with bias, but it is indeed hard to avoid bias. So we need this SSM to help us make a better rational decision.

Why SSM could make a better rational decision? It is because this technique told us to focus on problem situation, not to focus on problem identification. If we focus on problem identification, we are always easy to be influenced by bias. Thus, it is just necessary to focus on problem situation, and think about that problem is in the front of you, it is a system and sub-system, and you stand outside that system. If we do that, we can make a better decision with less bias.

In addition, why SSM is a continuous process? It is because the process of making decision is a continuous learning and continuous improvement process. We could learn more during the process of making a decision. HAS told us we live in a man-machine system, our duty is to improve people performance and machine performance. And then, we follow 7 stages to make a decision which is contributed to an organization. The purpose of making a decision is to develop this organization to be a never-ending and continuous learning organization. If that was done, this organization was improved. Next, 5E (the definition of SSM)is used to measure whether our decision that we made before is valuable or not. And at this stage, we have an opportunity to adjust decision or modify it to be a better one. Until now, we finished a decision making cycle

Anyway, we always make a decision depend on system 0, system 1 and system 2. System 0 is always make unvaluable decison, so we do not like to use that. System 1 is a intuition system, in the real world, acutally we often make a decision depend on that. System 2 is a process thinking.

We finished the RDD module today. I firmly make sure that it is a free and creativity module. I am pleased to recognize SSM in this module. What is the robust decision? For me, the most robust decision is the root decision. So what is the root tool to make a root decision? For me, the system thinking is the root tool!! At the beginning of the module, I do not call it RDM, because I think that the decision could design rather than make. Oh, Wonderful RDD!!! Free RDD!!!Brillant RDD!!!

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