November 17, 2010

How to produce stable and sustainable energy?

Our sleeping energy occasionally be activated, but why cannot stable and sustainable? Can the energy only be occasionally and temporarily activated? Why it is easy to sleep?

Is thought listening to heart? Or heart listens to thought? Who first? Of course heart. But why we cannot manage our heart sometimes? Perhaps we are wrong. We should not control and manage it. We should listen to it carefully. Anyway, our heart guides us, not we guide heart .Until now, I cannot find the answer about how to produce stable and sustainable energy. Hope some day I can find it. Hopes...whishes...

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  1. From my experience, I always sleep well becuase I smile to anyone (include myself) and enjoy everything happened around me.

    17 Nov 2010, 20:58

  2. If you find my friend how to control your heart let me know cuz i can’t. Passion is something that it cannot be controled… It wouldn’t be passion if we were able to control it.

    17 Nov 2010, 21:54

  3. My friend, thank you very much ! Good idea! I always smile to the world and enjoy everything around me, but at the same time I always easilly be moved by something around me. sometimes, touching movies or touching stories, if the results sad, I feel sad. If the results good, I feel happy for them. I admire you have powerful banlance force. Great ! Occasionally hope we wake up, we shall have different and interesting findings.

    17 Nov 2010, 22:14

  4. Thank you , my friend. ‘passion is something that is cannot be controled’. Great!

    17 Nov 2010, 22:17

  5. Just say “Hi!! Good Morning!!” with a bright smile to everyone. You will be the most beautiful and charming girl.

    18 Nov 2010, 00:45

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