April 12, 2011

No heaven, no hell

No heaven, no hell

In today's class, when we talk about climate....I was thinking is there God in the atmosphere? The climate is becoming worse, if God live in the atmosphere, how about his/her/its feeling? Where is his/her/its heaven? Is the heaven in the atmosphere? Hahaha.....the God's home must be destroyed by people if the heaven is in the atmosphere.

Then, I was thinking where is God's hell. Is his/her/its hell in the core of the earth? Oh, the hell also was destroyed by people. I cannot image how worse it would be ........

If God's heaven was destroyed and the hell was also destroyed, what would be happen?......So, please stop all destroyed activities,  so-called kings.....no matter you are the kings of animuals or you are the kings of people, at least you are a group of  kings.....The awareness of yours are much more valuable and useful than public awareness.....You are calling for public awareness, but look at youself, what you are doing...? On the one hand, you are calling for public awareness, on the other hand, you are starting the wars.....You are the greatest liars who weared the most beautiful masks.

You destroyed the heaven, and you destroyed the hell, what's left you did not damage?.......You will go to another planets, that's your plan. How about so huge numbers of people? For you, they are just your animuals, our 'loved' kings....Of course, it is not your fault. Perhaps you do not want to do that, only that lots of monsters behind of you. Where the monsters come from ? They come from the hell because the hell was destroyed....Oh, worse circle....

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  1. woooh Anna, your comments of late seem to be getting super philosiphical!

    17 Apr 2011, 23:27

  2. Hi, Thomas. Thank you for your comments. Haha…good vacation….

    22 Apr 2011, 09:42

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