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October 25, 2010

Organizational Learning Cycle

Last week, I was interested in Organizational Learning Cycle and Individual Learning Cycle during the learning of CBE. Following is my understanding about the two cycles.


Organizational Learning Cycle

Step 1: Generate

In this stage, I think organizational members should collecte information as much as possible from external enviroment and internal enviroment.

Step 2: Integrate

Combination of  parts into a whole.  Intergration everyone's infromation into organizational context. Like creating wiki, team memebers can put them information into a whole page.

Step 3: Interpret

Explaining, understanding and discussing of useful infromation or abstract concepts /theories. 

Wiki members explain and discuss their mini-project together, then choose some relevant and useful information , and remove useless information.

Step 4 : Act

Taking responsible action depand on 'PDC(S)A' cycle.

Individual Learning Cycle

Step 1 : Concrete experience

Engaging in the practices to gather infomation from customers, suppliers, conferences, and so forth. If someone wants to learn more, he or she should engage in practice positively.

Step 2 : Reflective observation

Combining specific, former experiences and knowledge to produce new ideas.

Recalling what was improtant and what was different from former experiences, thinking over and over then generating new views.

Step 3 : Abstract conceptulisation

Looking for answers and solutions for specific problems, then draw conclusions.

Step 4 : Active experience

Testing out conclusions or choices.

Anyway, individual learning and organizational learning influences each other. If someone has a perfect performance in individual learning , which will promote organizational learning. If  this organization has an excellence learning enviroment, which will also advance individual learning. In short, the two cycles both experience the following four steps:

Collecting information

Producing new ideas

Making a right choice/decision

Taking a responsible action depand on 'PDC(S)A'cycle.


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