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February 06, 2011

Not for oil , but for food security

The purpose of Egypt's social unrest is not for the price of oil, but for the food security. 

One of the goals to the Egypt's social unrest is oil prices; in addition, calling for part of the funds began to withdraw from China. However, this is not the most terrible purpose; even more frightening is the withdrawal information indicated another purpose: the black hands would transfer their battle into the wheat and other food's area. They would enter the food area in a lower price so as to control food prices. That is their real purpose.

It is because they realized the currency war did not beat China completely, even if China suffered a great loss in this currency war. So one part of their funds will continue the currency war, and another part of the funds will prepare for the food war. The food war is the China' real biggest army and threat. If the food price was controlled by the black hands, it means that your people were controlled by them. At that moment, any small incitation from public media or website would fire your people and social unrest. Your development will suffer huge barriers, stops and even backs. This is their real purpose. Currency war+food war+incitation from public media or website=China's stops, and even backs

Just like the disintegration of Soviet Union, the Japan recession, the depression is now being manufactured in China. The United States would prevent and control any their real competitors (armies) in order to maintain its domination in the world, and even at the expense of social retrogression. It can be understood. This is human nature. Any one will do not like his domination be replaced by others, they are afraid of that days coming. So this can be understood. 

Here, I suddenly do not want to write down. What is human on earth? What do people struggle for? What do they compete for ? The development of social is just a beautiful cover because they are manufacturing the social regression. But they told people their reputation is for social development. What is human beings? It seems to be human beings still like a group of aggressive orangutan. Oh, my God, how sorrow!!! The world is so confused! Perhaps it is because we are still animals, a group of aggressive orangutan. What is human?? Human should be what ??

Storm is comming, are you ready?

The storm is coming. Are you ready, my loved country?

Put aside the reasons for the Egypt's social unrest, because we have no evidence to discuss and evaluate it. But the key problem is that this would indicate the price of the oil perhaps will rise. And the parts of the funds will withdraw from the Chinese market. This is a precursor to a big pressure or crisis would be began. Are you ready?

The inflation pressures will continue to increase as well as the unemployment rate will rise. The pressure of social unrest will further increase. Where is your discharge port? Do you find it? If the big storm cannot be avoided , the only way is to bravely fight for it. I trust your wisdom and brave! Sincerely send my best wishes for you! Hopes...Wishes...

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