October 07, 2004

First shopping in Argos

I bought a new coat several days ago. Today I want to buy a steam iron for my lovely coat. I heard that electronic facilities are cheaper in Argos, but I have no idea. I just find the shop. It's quite intereting that there is no product but just menu on show. I saw others are searching projucts in menu and then write down some numbers to the staff. I just followed. At last, I got the method of Argos for sales. They do not show the product to customers before their purchasing, they only give the information in their menu. It can lower the cost to some extent I suppose. But unfortunately, when I got my iron and go back home, I found that it 's a terrible one. I had no idea how to use it correctly. The only choice for me is go back to Argos and return it and got my money back.

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  • heh, Argos rules! Still need to get myself a douvet though – this sleeping bag is starting to smell … by on this entry

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