January 13, 2008

bbc summary

The video shows that there are 25 percent of teenagers give their details such as names and phone numbers on the net, but only 13 percent of parents saw their kids done this. It is obvious that this is the same as giving your details to strangers on streets and put yourselves in danger. In this video, there is a 45 years old man called Peter try to follow a 14 years old girl called Jane for sexual interests through her space information on internet. Actually, the fact is teenagers do not know how to protect themselves from strangers on the internet. So it is the parents¡¯ responsibility to get your children to show you what they are using and don¡¯t let your children have a computer in their bedrooms.

December 21, 2007

essay life

Finally finished my essay, I feel a bit relaxed. This is the first essay to me, so it is not easy for me to. But through this time, I learn a lot, for instance,   before I worte the eassy I had to read many books whatever from the text books or the books from libruary. Than I had to learn that how to rewrite, summarize, quote and other writing skills that I have learned from the previously classes. 
The most difficult aspect to me is to write academiclly. Sometimes, I used the words that from the spoken English or from the informal situations. Academic writing is not easy to write, you have to remember many academic words and learn how how to use them in your writing instead of other easy words. Then, another difficult aspect is to write logically. I know that writing eassies is not just listing facts or theories, but to logically write them in an academic way, which is earlies and which is later; which is more important and which is less important; which needs to give more ditails and which just have to show in facts.
If I could go back to when I started writing the eassy, maybe I will write something differentlly, for instance, the examples in my essay, because I think many examples in my essay that are not very typical and specificfrom that time, and some of them can not very will proving the theries. in addition, I will write the conclusion differently, because my conclusion seems lack of logical sentances and a bit subjective.
From this eassy, I learnd a lot, maybe the essay is not perfect or some aspects still need to change, but it help me prove a lot whatever the knowlage of the course or the writing of my own. In the next eassy, I am sure that it will be better than this first one if I keep thinking and progressing.

October 19, 2007

learning English

English learning is a kind of interesting work to me. Usually, I'd like to learn English in interesting ways as well.  My best way is useing you ear to listen all the time. For instance, every morning, listen to the BBC on line radio programs when you were washing face. maybe it's sometimes difficult for you to understand, but you can practice your ear and just catch some important words that you are able to understand.Then, it's useful to listen to the native speakers' talking. Maybe sometimes they were not talk to you, but you still can try to listen to their conversiations and try to underestand what they were saying.

secondly, we all know that vocabulary is the most weak part of our English, but how could we get improved? I think remember words through reading is the best and effective way. We can not only remember the words but also improve our speed of reading and our writing skills as well.

In addition, my worst way of learning English is lazy to look up the words in the dictionary or ask for help from others. I know guessing the meaning of the word is not bad when you prcticing your reading, but as a matter of fact, the less you serch from the dictionary the more you don's know.

From my memory, I will say that the best esperience which helped me most was to learn English through movies, although it is not an excactly way of learning, and It is really useful for me I think personally. From movies, I can get to know lots of vocabularies idioms and culture knowlages. Gererally, I think their is not any ways of learning English can compare with the movies studies.

 All of those information are just my own oponion of learning English. maybe that is not very acceptable to all of the students, but I think, once you try, and I am sure you will find a way of your own style which must suit for yourself perfactly. 

October 05, 2007


HOW ARE YOU GUYS . It isalmost a week since I am here. All my life here is great. I still remember the first day I came here, that night is really dark and terriblly cold, and on one of our friends can find the north of England.  But when were in the campus we feel warm because of the friendly and helpful staff here.

A week after that, everything is fine around me. I want to say that I really like my lectures and the way of teaching here.  I like the room of my own and the beautiful picture out of my window....

On the other hand, I should say that I have some problems, the british accent is different for me to understand when it speaks fast. But I am sure that I will get a progress if I go on speak in English.

Good luck to me and all of my friends here!OHYEAH

August 01, 2007

I can not wait

I feel happy that I can set up my own Warwick English blog, and this is the first time I write my blog entries in English. I hope through this, I can get more help in learning English and make  more friends all over the world.

 Next month, Iwill go to England and start my new life in Warwick, and I hope it will be fun and very different from before in China. I can not wait any more...

Best wishes to myself!!

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