April 18, 2011

The end of KBAM (and MBE… kind of)

That's seven modules done now, and the last core MBE one as well. It seems amazing that we've done so much, and gone through so much, already. Where has the time gone? It was quite sad leaving the classroom after the presentations, knowing that there's a decent chance that all of us may never be in the same room again. I will definitely miss a lot of my MBE brothers and sisters - I'm a lot closer to you than I was to most people I did my undergrad with.

KBAM was easily the toughest challenge we've faced. From the start, when we clueless, right up until now, when we know just how clueless we really are! I enjoyed the leadership role that I got to play - frustrating as it was at times. I think I fostered a good working environment for the team, and the team paid me back big-time, with a lot of commitment, energy and enthusiasm when it was required. Thank you guys, it was a pleasure to work with you all!

As for the presentations - well, as would be expected with such a wide topic, different leadership styles in the mix, and everybody making wildly different assumptions, the variation in approach of each team was huge. Ede's team did a great job in terms of bringing linked solutions to the board, rather than just recommendations. Janet's team covered some content in great depth. Awal's team had a really nice approach, considering assets from the point of the view of those working in the company, as oppose to within the asset management areas. And we had a fine balance between theory, and practical suggestions, as well as a really dynamic vehicle for it, courtesy of Prezi (which I will be using almost exclusively as of now). We were lacking in having an integrated recommendation, and I think all but one of the teams struggled to fit their presentation in the time allocated, which is not something we've had a problem with before! I guess that gives some scope as to just how much there was to cover.

The feeling I have coming out of the module is one similar to that which I had at the end of LE. I couldn't possibly say what individual things I have learned - but instead, I have a profound sense of something having shifted in me. I'm not looking forward to the PMA - it's going to be LE all over again ;-)

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  1. Thanks Yanik for the appraisal :D, however as i posted in my blog we have a kick-ass team and a kick-ass leader. On the other hand, I really liked the Pretzi concept and probably i will used it again for some presentations even job related. However, I must say that I’m not so sure of how a CEO or important customer is going to take all these movements… Probably is not the best tool for the task and is something that you have to check and assess before using it.

    On the other hand I got that feeling too, these saying good bye to something that has became my day to day routine; but at the same time my life in Warwick… how I’m going to survive without having all these interactions and the learning environment? i guess that our next meetings are going to be in the library or WMG but everyone working by himself, definitely I will look for every one if I need you to answer any questions or something like that…

    KBAM was a valuable lesson, a lesson of how everything should be integrated and that finding the links between different aspects in business and life can and would make the difference. As always we spend more that the “required” time, however that is another lesson… we just have limited time and getting the best of it (dissertation) should be our objective.

    What’s really important in life? Sitting on a beach? Looking at television eight hours a day? I think we have to appreciate that we’re alive for only a limited period of time, and we’ll spend most of our lives working.
    Victor Kiam

    18 Apr 2011, 11:27

  2. Carlos I was really shocked from a video I was looking the other day… It is really appropriate for your question about the important things in life… ENJOY


    18 Apr 2011, 12:41

  3. No problem Carlos, I’ve done a proper one now – check your email!

    Prezi is an interesting case. I think it depends on the mindset of the person you’re presenting to – if they are forward-thinking they will like it, if they are conservative, then maybe not. Even then, you can tone down how much you use movements.

    You’re right, it will be strange not having the interactions we are all used to. I guess we’ll have to make more effort to go out for drinks! We’ll also see each other in the library a lot, not to mention that a lot of us still have OPP together.

    As for spending too much time, I don’t think we were too far over by the end. But we discussed its worth (relative to PMA’s and project), and we know that spending longer would have been waste. I like the video Ivo – I’ve seen a similar one before, but it’s always good to have a reminder on these kinds of things. We learn so much, all the old stuff can get pushed out sometimes!

    18 Apr 2011, 14:03

  4. Yes, Yanik. It was quite sad, but we will remember here, remember MBE…. Something that we can say goodbye is routine; something that we cannot say goodbye is memory…..we will toghther work with our project…..

    18 Apr 2011, 23:41

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