May 23, 2011

Environmental Knowledge Management, and applying MBE to reality

I have not yet started writing the PMA, but after 20-odd hours of research, I am struck by just how wide the scope of it is. This is not a surprise - the module was more than capable of pointing this out to us all, but there is just so much you can do, you sometimes feel a bit lost about which way to go. In this respect, it reminds me of the LE PMA. It's easier because the question is a bit more focused, but also harder because there is so much you can potentially do when advising about asset management. And this is just in one field!

Environmental management is big enough. The area of Knowledge Management is just ridiculously huge, almost like leadership theory. Fortunately, the crossover area of these, seems manageable, but even it has it's own subset of Environmental Knowledge Management, which sent me on another wild search for literature...

Still, I am convinced we have the right approach. Having begun OPP today, and hearing even more from new sources about the transition to a knowledge-economy, which seems to have been taking place for about 40 years at an ever-increasing pace (and yet somehow there is still plenty more that can change), I feel ready to be part of that. I was thinking about all my undergraduate friends who are currently revising madly for their final exams. I feel so lucky not to be amongst them - not because I am averse to hard work, but because they are largely wasting their time! Sure, they'll get their degree out of it, and that is an end in itself (it might be hard to get a job in the knowledge-economy without one), but for all their hard work, some of them will not remember the material in a few months, and most of them will never need to use it again.

Meanwhile, you and I, while sick to death of asset and knowledge management, leadership, excellence, or whatever, will be able to perform any task asked of us in a few months' or years' time. If we don't know how to do it already, we sure know how to learn to do it. I think this is SO MUCH more valuable in the long term. However, I feel PMA-fatigue and I'm glad that I don't have another module. My project is a burden at the moment, but one that I think will lighten when I get a good run at it. Don't get me wrong, I've loved this degree for the most part, but I, for one, am itching to test myself properly. 

What I am looking forward to now is starting work and seeing how everything I've learnt can be put to use in reality. I've heard and read about the idealised theory, and seen some of my tutors and classmates shoot them down as unrealistic - I'm tired of being called naive for thinking any of it can work, just because I haven't worked in that kind of environment before, even when there are so many examples that it can. I feel ready to go out there and try things. There's been enough talking, listening, reading and writing for me. I want to be doing now. I want to contribute to the creation of an organisational environment based around knowledge-share, that makes me some money and improves, but does even more for society.

Don't tell me I can't - I don't believe you ;-)

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  1. Hi, Yanik. Great post here! When I saw the movies ‘Lord of the rings’ once again tonight, I was thinking how far the reality is away from the movies?....But your post seems to let me feel light and hope. Oh, we should say bye-bye to darkness, and enjoy our study here…..Enjoy your pmas and project, my friend. Thanks your passionate post.

    24 May 2011, 00:22

  2. I really like the way you have coined the term knowledge economy and stuffs with its relative approaches. This reminds me of my PPMC module where we had a to finish a project within a given day and the key points that I came across was knowledge management that the detailers needs to be aware, that inevitably bring is the factors like behavior, culture, technology, etc. So its becomes impossible to actually think of executing any projects or any related tasks without involving environmental knowledge management. However, I would also like to state that we as human being get extremely paranoid and start re-defining any such management terms, that according to me will undoubtedly create gap in strategic deployment. This may be considered in terms of globalization perspective towards why projects fail resulting in huge losses. An example for this is the NHS IT project which has been initiated by Tony Blair….. if you find time google it….. hope will give you the massage that I intended to do so far. Unfortunately its still an ongoing project. Thanks for your time. Good luck.

    28 May 2011, 15:16

  3. Hi, Surya. I agree with you that human being get extremely paranoid now. It is extremely unfair to us as the yong people. It heavily ruins our beautiful expectation to the world. The top managerment of the system has already totally failure and darkeness. How do we face up the world in the future ? Go for the same direction with the system ? Aren’t they beast ? How about us if we go for that way? Go for opposite direction? Like someone was put into the sea ? How do we do ? So, I do not think globalization is a good thing. ‘One earth, one ruler’ that is a group of stupid fools stupid goal. Doesn’t the world like the ‘Lord of the rings’ darkness? Only that it is not so darkness now.

    29 May 2011, 23:18

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