March 02, 2011

Can there be such a thing as too green?

I don't have the energy for a full-on entry right now, but this very interesting blog article caught my attention and I wanted to share it. In the light of our recent work on CSR, and Jack Welch's management policies, it is a very interesting read. I'll come clean, the reason I found it was that I just made an application to work for GE, and it was part of my research...:P But it seems to me that they're headed in a much better direction than they used to be...haha!

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Yanik,
    This term ‘too green’ is probably the most ridiculous term I’ve ever heard!!

    I think there is a need to weigh what GE is taking from the environment and what it is returning to it, Mr. Welch!

    02 Mar 2011, 01:20

  2. I agree Awal, ridiculous term! The first few times we heard about Welch, I was really impressed. But now, the more I hear, the less respect I have for his way of thinking. There’s no doubt that his methods did a lot of good for GE. In fact, the fact that they’re the only company listed on the DOW, that was also originally listed on the first index in 1896, speaks volumes for their capability to deal with change, and his leadership style helped that.

    But, if he believes the only social responsibility of the firm is to win, then is he a dinosaur from the past. If they hadn’t stepped back and looked at the ways they were doing things, along with other companies, then maybe in another 100 years, there’s no-one to make money off anyway… I’ve been looking into it, and Ecomagination, while maybe a silly name, is a very good strategy. Sure, the share price is lower than it used to be. Does that really matter? There needs to be less shareholder capitalism and a lot more stakeholder consideration, and that’s what GE are achieving with goals like halving energy intensity, and making their green projects grow at twice the rate of the company overall.

    02 Mar 2011, 13:28

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