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May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day

Language world is complicate and intricate, but they share one world. That is 'Mum'. It is really amazing and shocking that at every corner of the world, the world 'Mum' shares the similiar pronunciation. (Mum, Mama (in Chinese), Mami, Mother, Mutter). We could see how great the mother is even just from the linguistic world.

Parental love is the greatest and most selfless love in the world and not any other kind of love could replace it. The older I become, the deeper I could feel how strong and great the parental love is. Our parents would like to do anything they like to help their children. They are willing to live a simple life and give their savings to their children and hope they could have a better life. They always eat the fishtail and tell their children that they do not like fishbelly. They buy anything their children need but are very mean to themselves.....Every detail is filled with the greatest parental love. I enjoyed all of these contendedly and one day, I suddenly read through every minute in my life that how my parents love me, though it has never been said, but I always complained that they were too strict with me.

Suddenly, from one day in my life, the day I suddenly understand the great of parental love, I become more mature and I know I would do anything I could in return.

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