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November 13, 2007

Worldwide campaign calling for action: Burmese demonstration in London

Demonstrations were held outside Chinese embassies in 12 cities around the world to mark the 12th year of detention of Burma’s pro-democracy leader and Nobel peace laureate – Aung San Suu Kyi.

Students, immigrants and refugees from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) joined the demonstration backed by scores of campaigners representing a range of NGOs, including Amnesty International, as well as students and other members of the society sympathetic to the cause.

The demonstration in London was held on Great Portland Street. The Chinese diplomatic mission in London did not issue an official comment in relation to the protest.

November 10, 2007

Brown and Cameron

The relationship between Brown and Cameron seems awfully hostile, even for a couple with diagonally opposite views. Or perhaps that is the problem: they are not that much different at core? Surely, Brown being a Scot with a common man’s upbringing and Cameron with his privileged background and private education are very different? Yes, but if the opposites attract, then the only reason these two are in such a deadlock of hatred and disdain is because they are in fact very much alike.

They share similar ideas ; ideas that they like and in fact agree on; nevermind whether the ideas are actually good or employable, but the two of them both like them. So they hate each other because the idea that they like rests comfortably on the enemy’s lap.

October 19, 2007

what's going on in Pakistan?

Has anyone asked whether the return from ‘voluntary exile’ of Bhutto was worth 140 human lives? “We are prepared to risk our lives”, shouts she into a microphone, “but we are not prepared to surrender our great nation”. I’m sure those who died didn’t mean to surrender their lives, not like this anyway. The most appalling thing, however, is how no one is criticising Bhutto’s management of her magical return (as if it was an actual physical return of democracy), knowing she was targeted and still going back to Pakistan with great hype exercised only by Hollywood bimbos.

I question her ‘miraculous’ survival; I question the motives behind the suicide attacks; I’m more inclined to believe that Bhutto’s own people were behind the attacks as a twisted form of political campaign. After all, it’s always easy to blame it on the bad guys – that’s what they are for!

Why do people lose their sense of judgement whenever ‘democracy’ is mentioned? What’s wrong and evil is still wrong and evil, even if it’s done in the name of democracy.

And Bhutto is ugly.

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