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December 31, 2004

The Pimple Theory

Discovering another pimple on my nose isn't a tragic event. I don't start whining and putting tonnes of make up to cover the newly-emerged 'flaw'. I let it stay, stay and shine. Why? Because my Pimple Theory has a betterr explanation for its existence. It's not the greasy food I eat, not the unhealthy lifestyle I have, not even the emornous intake of alcohol - nothing of that is to blame for this pimple. Now, here's the theory: a pimple on the nose denotes the existence of yet another admirer of mine who is currently having a serious crush on me. Yes, that simple. And please don't laugh, for this theory has its hard proof.

When I was in my secondary school, I once woke up with this burning pimple on the tip of my nose. I didn't panic or cry. I went to school, entered the classroom, holding my nose high up, like if it was a torch in the darkness, looking for the 'guilty' one. And there he was, sitting in the corner, with eyes full of admiration and an apple in his right hand. He handed me the apple, gave me a shy smile and hid behind his classmate. At that moment I knew whom to blame for this burning alarm on the tip of my lovely nose. And that was the first time I truly acknowledged this theory and had an eye on my nose every since.

Okay, I couldn't find a NOT-disgusting picture of a pimple to illustrate this post. If people believed in my theory, they'd beg for pimples and worshipped them.

A rhetorical question begging for an answer

How comes none of the tutors have viewable entries on their blogs? It's not fair that they can see our thoughts and we don't get to peep at theirs. I want to start a campaign. A beg-your-tutor-for-a-blog-campaign. I'm not sure about the results of this risky enterprise, but I honestly think it'll be fun. Until, of course, it starts affecting my grades… then it'll be another story…

December 28, 2004

The Story Of Sir Gawain The Knight or Plagerising Michael

Desperate for some new ideas, I ended up talking to Michael, not the Saint one. And he told me this story:

The Story Of Sir Gawain The Knight

Once upon a time there was a kingdom called Iscaland. Iscaland was ruled by a good and noble king named Camdol, who had a beautiful daughter, named Alex. But all was not well in Iscaland! For the otherwise peaceful and happy kingdom was threatened by… a Dragon! And the good king Camdol didn't know what to do since the dragon was attacking villages, killing people and stealing thier things.

One day Sir Gawain, who was a wandering knight, happened to travel into Iscaland. And, since he was a handsome and noble knight, peasant girls flocked around him. As they do.

And he heard of the dragon ravaging the kingdom, so he went to see king Camdol. King Camdol explained to Gawain how the dragon had been terrorizing his kingdom and promised Gawain anything he desired from the kingdom would be his if he could defeat the dragon.

But while in the palace, Gawain spotted Alex, the king's beautiful daughter. Alex was more charming and beautiful than any woman Gawain had ever known, and he was instantly besotted
but since he was a noble knight, he went off to slay the dragon before even getting to know her.

Anyway, it was not an easy battle, but after long hours of fighting with the dragon, it was eventually slain and Gawain rode back to King Camdol's castle to claim his reward. King Camdol was elated when he heard of Gawain's great victory, and asked Gawain again what he would like, from the entire kingdom. Gawain said he had not yet decided, but he would very much like to get to know the beautiful Princess Alex and so he did. They talked and talked for hours on end
and at the end of it, Gawain was still very much in love. But Alex was not, and told him as much.

Gawain, stricken with grief, ran from the castle and to his horse pushing aside peasant girls and galloped off into the distance. Come nightfall, he stopped in a town on his route and when to visit the apothecary. He explained how lovesick he was, how the one woman he had ever loved did not love him. And asked for a love potion.

The apothcary agreed and brewed him the strongest love potion he knew how to make. One simply had to pour the tiny bottle on someone's head and they would instantly fall in love with the next person they laid eyes on.

So, Gawain thought, this is the answer to my unrequeinted love and he rode back to Iscalang, and the castle of Camdol. He tied up his horse, pushed thrugh the crowd of peasant girls, and ascended the steps to the castle, drawing the love potion from his pocked. As he walked he uncapped the love potion's bottle then he turned around, pouring the love potion over himself. He fell in love with a peasant girl Maria, who was also very much in love with him. And they got married and lived happily ever after.

The End

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