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November 18, 2004

Tour of campus

An exciting night walk around the campus.
Time: 4 am.

From the deeps of the Hurst forests,

across the Gibbet Hill Road,

down to Piazza, where wierd people were trying to break into their own car,

up to the darkest part of campus – the alley between the rear of the Arts Centre and the Chaplaincy,

down to the computer centre with flashing lights…

Campus is a totally different place at night. Every bush looks evil, every tree reminds you of Freddy or The Final Destination. The few light bulbs only make it scarier. Every single noise makes you want to run and run for your life. The wind pulled my scarf and for a moment I thought I was being attacked. I was dead scared. My back felt hot. I nearly shouted when I saw my own reflection in the windows of the Chaplaincy. On the way back, to avoid the dark kingdom of the Library and Humanities, I chose to walk the long way pass Sports centre. The trees there looked like evil monstors with sharp claws ready to catch me and chew me. There was this scary black cat sitting on the steps of Costcutters enjoying its late diner. It stared at me for ages. I'm sure if it wasn't having diner, it'd eat me! Finally, I gave up pretending to be brave and rang my crazy girlfriend who was still up, too. It's nice to have a friend who would laugh out loud at your fears and be with you until you complete your journey back home.
The only reason I'm writing this down is because I hope I'll laugh when I read this post again later. But I'll be the same scared next time I venture a night tour of campus. I only hope my girlfriend will stay up with me again

November 16, 2004

I have donated…

Ever since I came to England I have donated:
1. A can of Tesco tuna chunks to the Children In Need;
2. One Pound Only to the African branch of the Children In Need;
3. One Pound Only to the demanding Children In Need;
4. £1.11 to the Breast Cancer Campaign; and
5. A pint of blood. To England. With love.

November 12, 2004

Soup de jour

Chopped pork,
spring onions,
dried (dehydrated) gralic
mixed herbs,
Italian garlic,
Chinese 5 spices,
soya souse,
extra virgin oilve oil,
chopped potatoes,
suger and
1/2 Knorr beef cubic

Every student is proud of his/her cooking. It's a war we are winning. Not just stomachs we are feeding.

November 11, 2004


5 out of 5 stars

Creepy, freaky, careful whisper. It gives you a feeling of idleness. It conveys sweet passion without screaming drama. Relaxing and moving, sometimes depressing. Candle light in a dark cosy room, curtains wide open, observing the world and listening to Sparklehorse - bliss for a romantic like me

I am
the only one
can ride that horse

I'm full of bees
who died at sea

it's a wonderful life
it's a wonderful life

I wore
a rooster's blood
when it flew
like doves
I'm a bog
of poisoned frogs

it's a wonderful life
it's a wonderful life

I'm the dog that ate
your birthday cake

it's a wonderful life
it's a wonderful life
it's a wonderful life

Other albums Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot (1995), Good Morning Spider (1998), It's a Wonderful Life (2001)

November 09, 2004

overwhelming ambitions

I'm burning myself to make my life interesting. I was advised to 'sleep less' in order to squeeze all my ambitions in. I wish to find this perpetuum mobile that will keep me going for days and days before I exhaust my last breath. But there is still too much to life, too much to enjoy and experience. I'm afraid I'm gonna end up in hell merely because I sleep too much. So here's my mid-term resolution: quit MSN, cut down on sleep and finish reading 12 Chairs. Also, watch Peter Greenaway's films, research MA degrees, find summer jobs, write proposals, make up a decent personal statement, think about the next SSLC meeting agenda, move furniture around in my room, write 4000 words of sense-making stuff, get mumps vaccination, take a photo of my right-hand's bones, go climbing, play volleyball and meet up with friends to have a cake in the Arts Centre's Cafe. I'm burning myself to make my life exciting and I don't regert it.

November 01, 2004

Pausing your life to enjoy it

It takes a lot of wisdom to start appreciating life for what it is, not for what it could be


small n cute, little bell on the collar, white paws; it got scared when i put the bags on the floor, n then came closer n when i squatted down to see what i could give it it put its front paws up on my thigh n peered into the bag, n i take out the bacon and it meows n looks at me n walked off

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