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September 30, 2007

The Reynolds Defence

There is a reason behind the familiar line “Mr. X could not be reached for comment” or “Ms. Y refused to comment on the matter”. And that reason is the Reynolds Defence. It made me let out a very loud ‘aaaah!’ when I realised it while reading Frances Quinn’s Law for Journalists. It evolves around publishing allegations against a public figure or on a matter of public concern. The publisher, in order to avoid being sued for defamation, needs to provide proof that they have made an attempt to contact the person or company in question and have given them a fair chance to answer to the allegations. If, however, the publisher failed to obtain comment, then the publisher needs to state that fact, in order to acknowledge that the article they are publishing will only be covering one side of the story and may not provide all the necessary information to form a well-rounded opinion of the matter. It’s truly fascinating, really! It’d made me want to become a lawyer that specialises in media cases.

September 29, 2007

Introducing Mr. Ryan O. Patches

Mr. Patches Full Frontal

Mr. Ryan O’Hullahan Patches, of the county of Essex, is currently working for My Majesty’s Public Relations Office as My Majesty’s Spokesbear. He is also studying for a Graduate Diploma in Law in hopes of one day becoming the Lord Justice of My Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service. Mr. Patches loves taking long imaginary walks along the river banks in his head. Mr. Patches can not stand pigeons and does not appreciate squirrels or foxes. He is, however, very friendly with cats, but not so much dogs. Mr. Patches is rather fond of adventures and we believe one day he will share his fascinating stories with us all.

September 28, 2007

Tash cup

tash cup
On a recent trip to Brighton I discovered this absolutely wonderful ‘tash-cup’ on display in the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. It was designed for the gentlemen who wore mighty and well-shaped moustaches and didn’t want to get it wet, messy or otherwise compromised. It could as well have inspired the person that later invented and patented the plastic coffee cup lids, which are officially known as the ” Coffee cup travel lid” (United States Patent 4428498).

September 27, 2007

China's official response

One of the reasons China is finding it extremely difficult to issue an official statement on the current events in Burma owes to China’s own unfortunate history with peaceful demonstrations and mismanagement of such crises. Words are difficult for official Beijing right now. People who find themselves advising others on courses of action usually lead by example. China’s example in 1989 should not be followed or repeated. If China were to officially state its position as against military actions and brutality, it would somewhat clash with what it preached, exercised and never apologised for. Moreover, China craves stability. Feeling like a big brother in the region, it hates little headaches and particularly changes in the structure of the otherwise familiar region. What would happen to the trade that was going so well between Chinese businesses and the Burmese forests? How would China tackle the change? What if Burma was to succeed in establishing a democratic society? Does that mean it’ll get under the umbrella of the West and review its relations with China? Will China lose its control over Burma? Will this finally tip off the balance of powers in the Asia-Pacific? All these questions have to be answered before an official statement can be issued. Of course, China’s statement is unlikely to decide the future of Burma, but there’s a procedure to follow and right now the world is waiting for an statement to come out of China.

Are we abusing homosexuals?

While the world is busy discussing and debating Ahmadinejad’s speech I’m busy thinking “are homosexuals the new victims?”. No, they are that old, starving, bruised but still loyal dog at the other end of someone’s baseball bat. They are one of the convenient cut-outs that can be easily brought to the front of a debate, but no one bothers resolving the problem of inequality and discrimination against them. They are in the same line with the oppressed women, the religiously eccentric, the cuter kind of animals, the immigrants, the elderly, the mentally challenged and physically disabled. It’s good to have them around, all hurt and dishonoured, mocked and laughed at, brought to the front when there’s a point to be made and kicked back into the barracks when they have served their purpose. They are very much like sex slaves of political life. They are being paid in hours of live-feed broadcast and in words of angry and opitionated articles. The conclusion? Next time you hear someone trying to make a point by arguing on the side of these ‘socially vulnerable’ people – don’t buy it. No one gets to talk for the homosexuals unless they’ve actively done something to improve their status in the society.

September 21, 2007

A student yet again

As of this moment I am officially a postgraduate student pursing an MA degree in Journalism at the University of Westminster. As a wanna-be journalist, it is good to have a blog up and running. We are told that if Google doesn’t bring up your blog on the first page of results when you search for your name, then you are pretty much a loser. My blog is like… the third on the list! Apparently, there are special techniques to achieving such immense popularity, and we shall be learning those shortly. I’ve chosen to do the broadcast pathway and right now I’m rather excited about that ginormous bundle of fun that’s coming my way. I shall be reporting my progress along the way and maybe some day, when I’m feeling particularly generous or have had a few cups of sugary tea, I will even upload my very own documentary film here!

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