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September 23, 2006

Elections in China

Nearly everything that China imports China also domesticates and fits into its own ways. So, the recent local democratic election of people’s representative can justly be called an oddity. It’s like a little democracy in a big unbreakable bubble of communism. There is little political agitation; there is no handing out leaflets with political agendas; there is literally no information on the choices we have. What we do have instead is big Chinese-red cloths with standard white hieroglyphs reading “People’s representative – People choose” hanging over trees and ramps. Each block of flats has a poster on the ground floor glued next to the elevators explaining who can vote, what is required for voting, where and when to vote. When I saw the poster I got so excited it felt like Christmas has arrived. However, none of my relatives sounded even vaguely interested in the event. I don’t think the majority of Chinese are the least bit politically conscious. Most of the people I know simply lay back and wait for new policies and regulations to arrive on a silver platter. Most people don’t care about new amendments to the Chinese constitution unless it directly affects them. When the international community blames China for not taking a bigger part and not using its economic influence to help resolve crises like that in Darfur, the only plausible explanation for China’s irresponsible behaviour I can find is in its pragmatic selfishness. And when the BBC comes up with articles titled “China village democracy skin deep” I wonder if they realise how much of a show those elections really are. I also wish I won’t be jailed for this blogpost.

September 21, 2006

A taste for 'homo'

What makes a great party is great music, and the best music of all is the kind that they play in gay bars: all the classic – Madonna, Cher, George Michael, Diana Ross, Freddy Mercury and the Queen. Please, help me extend this list!!!!

September 17, 2006

The State of Mind

Мы едем, едем, едем! На месте мы не стоим! Я ещё не пересекла границу, а уже думаю по-ррррррусски! И правильно! Работа переводчика требует постоянной практики.

Многие люди, обогатевшие собственным трудом, дошли до этого не через традиционные ВУЗы, а через традиционные изгнания из ВУЗов. Тогда почему весь мир всё ещё переживат бум образования, когда уже доказан путь просветления через иные пути? Возможно, отчасти люди, стремящиеся к образованию в действительности жаждут знания, а не богатства, которые знания должны якобы приносить. Ещё возможен вариант, который связывает образование с престижем, уважением и положением в обществе. Но я склонна верить более прагматичным причинам популярности образования – деньжата. Вот почему когда люди отрекаются от популярных методов обогащения мы смотрим на них как на людей смелых и изобретательных. Что мешает каждому отречься от канонов – это новизна инакоходских путей, их незастрахованность и их исключительность из правил. Но это всего лишь state of mind.

September 15, 2006

On giving up my hair–innocence


I still don’t quite fit into the picture: a fancy, modern, supposedly French hairdresser’s, where three people like busy bees whirl around me to blow my hair, brush my hair and cut my hair; another ‘servant’ insisting that I have a glass of water while my hair is being huffed and puffed on; a couple of idle rich housewives with their busy, yet obedient husbands waiting around for the colour to dry; each housewife with a copy of a thick glossy magazine, each husband with a damned mobile phone that just wouldn’t ring. And then there’s me, who is a virgin to all of this, who shudders when a stranger touches her shoulders, who giggles when a nice lady wipes her ears with a big towel, who sneezes when her hair is being blow-dried by a careless hair-maestro, who reads Democracy in America while her hair is being permed.

On my trip to Prague two years ago I fell in love with the Czech women who seemed untouched by the nasty hand of capitalism and were so pure and innocent it’d made me feel nostalgic. They had rosy cheeks, healthy shiny smiles, robust bosoms and beautiful, wide hips. They were absolutely beautiful; beautiful in their healthy spirit and mind. I like to think I was like that too before this visit to a hair dresser’s. Alas, I yielded to the temptations of this corrupt society! Now look what’s become of me!

September 11, 2006

My new found love – Peugeot Moovie

Writing about web page

September 08, 2006

Something to share: a great collection of USSR posters… Flickr: USSR posters

NB. Gracias, José! :)

September 04, 2006

I wonder…

I wonder if the people against animal testing use cockroach traps?...

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