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May 26, 2005

I think…

I think that I should stop thinking.


May 24, 2005


I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to everyone else!

May 18, 2005


…I reached round and got a good handful of his arse. There was plenty of it, too, and just perky enough for me. When, as predicted, he jumped in surprise, I whipped my hand through his legs, giving his whole beanbag a good tug. He was laughing and wincing even as he threw me across the room into his drum-kit…

Kureishi, H. 1990. The Buddha of Suburbia. Great Britain: Faber and Faber

May 17, 2005


There is an Institute of Ideas in the UK?!?!

May 09, 2005

On becoming a vegetarian

Meat can be quite disgusting when you don't know how to cook it. It may be easier to become a vegetarian than to learn to cook meat. I'll try and become a vegetarian who eats fish and bacon (aka hypocrite), and meat on special occasions when cooked and served nicely by someone else.

May 08, 2005


The 'masses' are blind. And they don't know of AIDS and HIV. Hundreds of well-intended charities across the globe are working their arses off to deliver the message to the masses, to teach the ignorant about safe sex and the use of condoms. But Pope's one word – BAD. Condoms are BAD - destroys all the effort. The 'masses' would like to believe they will end up in heaven. They wouldn't want to disobey the God's ambassador on Earth.

If there was god, he must be really hurt for being so horribly misread, misinterpreted and consequently, misunderstood. His hand must be reaching for the 'Reset' button right now to restart the world.

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