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April 30, 2005

On Exams

April 27, 2005

My Muse, My Inspiration…

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April 26, 2005


April 24, 2005

Sleeping Around

This morning I felt like going out. Having spotted the flirtatious sun hiding in the sky I assumed the Ice Cream Van would be there, so I strode out to Piazza counting shiny coins in my hand. My new frozen passion is the Chocolate MiniMilk. 'It's simply delicious!' (Will & Grace). When I turned away from the smiley bald ice cream lady, I found Piazza in a yellow noisy condition – it was an open day with all sorts of plebs surrounding mighty students' ambassadors. It was completely unsuitable for reading. I had to find an alternative. The closest was Rootes Social.

So, my practice in sleeping around started this morning in Rootes Social building. I discovered the softness of the sofas on the first floor, immersed myself into one of them and had a couple of hours of very comfortable idle reading. Until I started falling asleep. Having stuffed myself with a bunch of yorkshire puddings on gravy and Tesco tabasco (that almost rhymes!), I headed back to the Van and bought myself another portion of passion.

With a phallic ice cream in my hand and a joyful smile on my face I entered the killer doors of Arts Centre. The Mead Gallery was closed, but the carpet and the comfort where still there. So I sat in the pose of Buddha and started glancing though today's Guardian. Until I started falling asleep. Again.

It took me a great deal of effort to pull myself together and regain a firm and confident gait. I had just enough energy to carry myself to the Computer Centre, where I collapsed on a chair, like a civilized person, with a computer screen before my eyes. Watching BBC's online news reports on science, I found myself day-dreaming, and totally ignoring a sexy bloke who was clearly looking for an excuse to talk to me.

To avoid the potential secret admirer I migrated to the Library, which was the initial destination of my trip, and which I avoided thinking it'll put me right to sleep. I dug up two books which looked fairy pretty and settled down to read them. One of them turned out to be too pretty and of little use. Another one was black and sophisticated and I decided to quote it in my essay. After a few pages of arty rant, I felt the shadow of Sleep moving towards me and a feeling of hunger creeping in. I swiftly straightened up my back, checked if anyone heard me snoring, and having spotted no funny faces looking in my direction I calmed down and made my way to EAT, the restaurant.

A luxurious meal worth £5.95 and a glass of water made me completely content and happy. Smiling a blissful smile I dragged myself back home and crashed on my soft bed. Sleeping around turned out to be a lot of fun. I have to discover more comfy places to take lazy naps at.

April 23, 2005



April 21, 2005


Я маршеровала со своими тенями
По парковочной стоянке,
Воображая одиночество вселенной
От фонаря к фонарю,
шагая ближе к человечеству

April 19, 2005


Я сидя могу заснуть. Заснувши могу сны видеть. Пора мне с Манькой ролями менятья

Я написала это в библиотеке, в полу-трезвом состоянии, сразу после пятиминутного, нечаянного храпа. Убейте, но чтобы я ещё раз на ногах 36 часов без сна – никогда!

April 18, 2005

The Death of the Snail

There was a corpse of a Snail lying in the middle of the pedastrian path. It looked crashed, as if some careless person had stood on it. No one would want to hurt a Snail; a Snail woudln't want to hurt anyone either. But something or someone arranged things the way they happened: someone stepped on the Snail, killed it, felt incredibly sorry because s/he would never want to hurt an innocent Snail; the Snail, idly moving its body across the path, had a big agenda for today in mind, then this huge foot, darkness and the eternal light. No one wanted for this to happen, but it happened nevertheless. Life is but an accident. 36 hours of no sleep affects my thinking.


Я щедро черпала из родительских карманов
Казалось бездонных или особо глубоких,
Клады нечисленные, богатства и роскоши
И не на минуту не задумывалась о Них.
Я была сильно неправа,
Искренне, искренне каюсь

April 16, 2005

I'm on a Ghandi Diet

This basically means I'm starving. For a supposedly noble reason. But I haven't figured the reason yet. So, I'm just starving, like Ghandi did.

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