October 11, 2005

What religion is God?

If God was Christian, then God would simply be an egotistic jerk who's made himself the centre of his own religion. If God was of any other religion, though, he would simply be a hypocrite, promoting one set of beliefs and acting upon another set of morals. It's a very sensitive issue! Hence I conclude: godless religions are less confusing.

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  1. Alex

    I think Christians would argue that God hasn't made anyone worship him, or made himself the centre of anything. He just happens to be so good that people just want to love Him. Without Him putting any effort in.

    I personally tend toward agreeing with you – if God exists and is the being that any one of the main religions believes in, He's an arse.

    12 Oct 2005, 02:04

  2. I believe he did say something like I am da way!, although people would assign that utterance to Jesus, but aren't they all from one the same band?

    12 Oct 2005, 07:03

  3. Durnovo

    Why would God have a religion? He clearly believes in himself and He knows everything… God wouldn't have a religion. Religions are for the people.

    And I think you people have a complete misunderstanding of Christianity. Firstly, very few Christians are of this lovey-dovey "God says thou shalt not kill" kind.

    You've got to bear in mind why there are divisions in the Church… because different Christians disagreed with each other, then tried to enforce their opinions on the rest of the christians in their respective kingdoms… which is why most "Christian" countries belong to a single Christian faction. So skipping abouf 400 years into the future and the hundreds of millions of people killed, we then have Christians now… who are a mix of people who believe anything from pacifism to the need to self-create apocalypse…

    And there aren't any godless religions… there are some godless "philosophies" or quasi-religious philosophies which are now religions with gods anyway…

    12 Oct 2005, 12:08

  4. If God's alive then God's got to believe in something. And whatever his belief is, it can be called a religion, quasi or not. God doesn't live by his mere instincts, I'd hope. So if God lives, God does things, like eats, sleeps, pees, and he's got to do all those things in the knowledge of the consequences, hence guided by some kind of belief or a set of morals. If he was some kind of a single cell animal, then he wouldn't have a religion/belief, and people wouldn't follow him. I'm not trying to open a debate on the essence of Christianity. I'm only saying that God has got to be religious.

    12 Oct 2005, 14:15

  5. Durnovo

    But god isn't "alive".. he was neither born nor created by another being. God doesn't have to "believe in" anything, because He KNOWS everything!

    12 Oct 2005, 14:30

  6. God believes in himself and knows everything? Then is he the one to be blamed for all the shit happening in people's lives? For all the natural disasters? Altho I'm almost certain that it's god's way of punishing people for breeding so very efficiently and doing so much evil to his beautiful garden called Earth. But if god isn't alive, then what is he? Holy spirit? Troubled ghost? He is around, somewhere and he does exist and people believe in him. I'm just curious as to what is this god that people believe in? What is he made of and what makes his mind spin.

    17 Oct 2005, 15:58

  7. Matt Jermyn

    I believe. I believe in a God who created mankind to have a perfect beyond perfect existence. What does that mean? Love so deep it would never have faded? Danger enough to make adrenaline pump thorugh Adam's veins? I don't know… But I aim to find out.

    I believe in a God who's not out for revenge, but for restoration – rescue. Who isn't motivated by anything but Love, and who gave until he literally had nothing left to give, who died – to get us back, to reverse the curse.

    I believe, and that is my life.

    I'm sorry if that's not an answer you were looking for, you only semi asked for it in the first place. But hey – worst I've done is wasted your time!

    21 Oct 2005, 01:39

  8. evil zeus

    so if god died then he isnt around anymore right?
    what i dont get is why this is supposedly a perfect existance, understandably as god you might not be arsed with dealing with all the problems of the world or you might want people to learn from their mistakes etc, but if a simple person can conceive a better existance, why couldnt god? is that what you meant about perfect-beyond-perfect? maybe its heaven, but i guess we're all apparantly sinners so we'll never find out

    until the NT,

    21 Oct 2005, 08:29

  9. Matt

    D'oh, questions. Polite to answer questions…

    Re question 1: To quote:

    'That Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day…'

    Jesus is God, he died, and came back to life. With regard to 'as god you might not be arsed with dealing with all the problems of the world' Christainity really doesn't fit with that idea..

    Next. I didn't meant to imply this is a perfect existance – Standard idea of Christianity is that God made Eden – the 'perfect-beyond-perfect', for us to live in, and we chose not to. God can quite easily concieve of a better existance (can appreciate why you got confused from what I wrote though) and has, heaven – and the point of Jesus coming and going was to get us their despite that whole 'sinners' thing. As U2 said though – has to be believed to be seen.


    02 Nov 2005, 11:43

  10. It's really nice of you to answer questions. The one thing about agnostics is that in trying to understand and see, they question (not necessarily doubt) the religion, ALOT. I don't wonder about God right now, so I don't have any ready questions for you :) But if I do, I'll ask them via your blog.


    02 Nov 2005, 12:34

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