November 18, 2004

Tour of campus

An exciting night walk around the campus.
Time: 4 am.

From the deeps of the Hurst forests,

across the Gibbet Hill Road,

down to Piazza, where wierd people were trying to break into their own car,

up to the darkest part of campus – the alley between the rear of the Arts Centre and the Chaplaincy,

down to the computer centre with flashing lights…

Campus is a totally different place at night. Every bush looks evil, every tree reminds you of Freddy or The Final Destination. The few light bulbs only make it scarier. Every single noise makes you want to run and run for your life. The wind pulled my scarf and for a moment I thought I was being attacked. I was dead scared. My back felt hot. I nearly shouted when I saw my own reflection in the windows of the Chaplaincy. On the way back, to avoid the dark kingdom of the Library and Humanities, I chose to walk the long way pass Sports centre. The trees there looked like evil monstors with sharp claws ready to catch me and chew me. There was this scary black cat sitting on the steps of Costcutters enjoying its late diner. It stared at me for ages. I'm sure if it wasn't having diner, it'd eat me! Finally, I gave up pretending to be brave and rang my crazy girlfriend who was still up, too. It's nice to have a friend who would laugh out loud at your fears and be with you until you complete your journey back home.
The only reason I'm writing this down is because I hope I'll laugh when I read this post again later. But I'll be the same scared next time I venture a night tour of campus. I only hope my girlfriend will stay up with me again

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  1. lisa

    I've seen the black cat twice. The first time it was outside Jack Martin and the second time it was hanging around Costcutters. It only comes out at night. It won't come to you if you shout it either, which is very disappointing. Im thinking of taking it some ham. What do you reckon?

    18 Nov 2004, 12:29

  2. To be honest, I'm a bit scared of that nocturnal fella. I've seen it before, too. It acts like the king of piazza and never pays any attention to the people walking around. Feeding it ham would be nice, but I don't think it'll become any nicer

    18 Nov 2004, 19:59

  3. cats are cool :p

    18 Nov 2004, 22:39

  4. What a coincidence this is: you commented on my greek text, and then I visited your blog and found out that your text involved the fear that darkness produces in us. My text was something similar: it was about the phenomenon of light and how it manipulates our perception about reality and our feelings. Strange isn't it?!!!

    19 Nov 2004, 01:58

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