January 22, 2006

The best thing to hide in the snow is…

...a corpse

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  1. cocaine

    22 Jan 2006, 14:27

  2. A corpse stuffed with cocaine?

    But seriously, snow is a rubbish place to hide things. Including corpses …

    22 Jan 2006, 15:50

  3. mmm corpses

    22 Jan 2006, 16:45

  4. Not really…. it'll be perfectly preserved and when the snow melts.. ohoh.

    The best thing to hide in the snow is… fanfare



    You know I'm cracking myself up now eh :P.

    22 Jan 2006, 17:20

  5. I think you risk not finding the cocaine after hiding it in the snow. Snow covers pretty much everything with a thick and lovely layer that people don't want to touch in order to preserve the perfection of it. That's why there are so many curious findings in the spring, when the snow finally melts. There are always corpses under the snow.

    23 Jan 2006, 00:21

  6. .bq There are always corpses under the snow.

    God help us when global warming melts the icecaps!

    25 Jan 2006, 09:49

  7. Guohui Zhang


    04 Feb 2006, 10:10

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