March 16, 2006

My crack in destroying capitalism

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I propose that we introduce Constructive Contribution Coefficient (CCC) and reconsider wages according to the CCC of every occupation. Seeing as we are petty little worms unable to shake the earth, the CCC should not have big values, just so people donít overestimate themselves. Using the analogy of the Gini Coefficient, I propose that the CCC be rated from 0 to 1, where 1 will be the absolute constructive contribution (and stand for the works of geniuses like Einstein, Chekhov, Darwin); and 0 will stand for no contribution made to the society, which will be assigned to the unemployed folks. However, even in suggesting this I can see how flawed the CCC may be. Hereís a list of why:

  • I have to highlight that the CCC is an evaluation of jobs and not people; the CCC runs the risk of being misinterpreted;
  • The cogs in the machine of capitalism engage in counter-productive jobs (like exploiting the nature, destroying forests, producing poisonous and cancer causing chemicals and etc), so there should be negative coefficient for their jobs;
  • There is a considerable mismatch in CCC and the coefficient of difficulty and labour put in, so even the hard-working miners may get a negative CCC, because they are essentially exploiting the Earth. But then again, if their wage will be reconsidered according to the CCC and subsequently reduced to the minimum, it may help eliminate uncontrolled exploitation for good;
  • It is hard to evaluate the work of the artists and abstract scientists (like painters, playwrights, sociologists and etc);
  • The most unsettling thing is: history is being rewritten repeatedly. If we are happy at this very moment, we are likely to thank everything thatís ever happened to us (be it Hitler or Stalin) that has essentially led us to where we are now. But if we are very unhappy bunnies, even Einstein will appear to be an evil chap. Hence the contribution rate of each occupation may change with time and our view of history. So the CCC will then be a relative figure, rather than an absolute one, the way I designed for it to be.

If I can get all of the above problems solved I think my CCC suggestion could serve as a rather practical step in cracking capitalism. After watching Capitalism and other kidsí stuff, The Corporation and reading other articles on the evil of capitalism the only feeling I experienced was helplessness. If we could use the CCC to re-evaluate our jobs then maybe we could really start cracking the machine of capitalism and finally start taking initiative and changing things around.

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  1. Alex

    On the surface this might seem like a good idea, but you get into it a bit deeper and you find out that doctors would have a near-zero coefficient. Why? Doctors (esp. NHS doctors) spend the vast majority of their time treating the dregs of society (drug addicts, drunks, criminals, yobs who got into a fight). This allows said dregs to carry on being antisocial, and therefore is a detractor from society.

    By your reckoning that would mean the doctors would be paid poorly for treating said people, and therefore would try to avoid it. But they can't, until you bin socialist concepts like the NHS. Is that a good idea?

    16 Mar 2006, 15:11

  2. Hamid

    Hehehee – am I the only one who sees two possible naughty puns with the title?

    16 Mar 2006, 17:59

  3. It'd be too fascist to suggest we divide people into 'worthy of treating' and 'unworthy of treating'. Say, for those whose CCC potentially equals zero the NHS services could be made inaccessible. For those with high CCC the NHS could be made free. But it even sounds horrible, although I don't think I can quite explain why. Another possibility is that if doctors were paid poorly for treating hopeless people, they'd stop treating those and concentrate on treating the people with higher CCC and get paid for that. If the doctors feel particularly sympathetic to a patient that has low CCC, he or she can choose to treat the person in his/her spare time, outside of the 'system'. I know it sounds horrible, but I am a fascist and I have to live up to the image of a fascist.

    I see capitalism as a solid bubble, much like an egg. Capitalism is far from perfect, and every attack on it is like a little pebble hitting the egg. I donít think my introducing this CCC thing is that unreal, but itís not like a massive comet either. Thatís why itís just a little crack on the bubble of capitalism.

    16 Mar 2006, 19:04

  4. Hamid

    Oh yes by the way I think what you've suggested has already been suggested by other people from Russia in various forms…

    16 Mar 2006, 22:00

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