December 06, 2005

Capitalism and other kids’ stuff

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Paddy Joe Shannon is the author of the film Capitalism and other kids’ stuff. The film is about how capitalism is abolishable. And how people should 'think outside the frame of capitalism' and start considering alternative ways of living and making sense of human society and human coexistence. The end of the film looked very cocky and propaganda-ish and less educative or academic. But the arguments in the film didn’t sound entirely stupid and dream-like. But the truth is, it takes time for any kind of social change, let along abolishment of capitalism, starting with ‘imagine no possession’. And though Lennon may say ‘it isn’t hard to do’, I’m sure he was only referring to the act of imagining, not the act of actually building human society anew starting with abolishing the assets. Another thing that I found rather dubious was that the whole social ‘revolution’, although making sense and sounding good, was built on assumption that people weren’t greedy. And if humans can be trained into thinking that ‘enough is enough’, then it’d still take centuries for a change of ideology and adopting a totally new value system. The author claims that post-capitalism doesn’t have to be a step back and mark the end of civilization as we know it; that people can engage in active production by doing their constructive hobbies, i.e. what they like and are good at, and thus benefiting the society each in his/her own way; that the government doesn’t have to be centralised, and that politics is really quite easy and anyone, even Bush, can do it. So as I said, it all sounds right, they are all arguments that I find hard to argue, and yet there are so many more counter-arguments to make that dream sound obscure and unreachable.

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  1. "imagine no possessions" said the millionaire from his new york penthouse apartment :-)

    07 Dec 2005, 00:01

  2. Durnovo

    Capitalism has essentially existed in every society in History. Society the way it is now and the way it has been in the past could not have operated without capitalism. And here i'm using Capitalism as a blanket word to describe trade and the building up of capital (ie wealth) and not necessarily the limited modern defnitions given by people like Weber.

    What really needs to happen to make people happy is not to abolish anything at all and, I hate to sound like Clinton here, find a good balance between all reasonable forms of socio-economic theory.

    07 Dec 2005, 11:54

  3. I've just had food and I'm wearing a corset to look less Russian, which reduces my brain functions for some reasons. Anyway, the point is, I can't think right now. Capitalism is bad. There. Aruge now :p

    07 Dec 2005, 17:59

  4. GoodCapitalist

    Was China and her people richer and more prosperous under socialist markets, or now that they're introducing market capitalism?

    08 Dec 2005, 20:33

  5. GoodSocialist

    No because true socialism did not exist. Nor has capitalism really liberated China. It has concentrated wealth into the hands of a few, corrupt, elites and left the rest of the nation lagging behind in poverty.

    08 Dec 2005, 21:50

  6. GoodCapitalist

    Actually before most of the country was near to poverty. Communistm and Socialism are fundamentally corrupt political systems that lead to social failure. The influx of Capitalism into China has raised the hopes, desires, stand of living, wealth and happiness of many a chinaman. And that is a great thing. Democracy and free market Capitalism go hand in hand.

    09 Dec 2005, 20:40

  7. PenguinA

    I want to see this film. full stop.

    23 Dec 2005, 12:46

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