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October 20, 2007

Coolest pumpkins

pumpkin collection

and the one for the geeks

star wars pumpkin

Get carving!

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Star wars

Lu's Guide to Carving a Pumpkin

As you may have heard, pumpkins are in short supply this year due to ‘unforeseeable circumstances’ earlier in the summer. So, instead of buying the usual practice pumpkin and stage pumpkin, you may want to try to get it right the first time. And here’s a guide to getting there.*

  1. Try to stop feeling guilty for using a pumpkin as a toy when millions of people are starving on the other side of the world. No one eats pumpkins anyway
  2. Buy a pumpkin from Tesco’s (They should cost 99p right now and are fairly large, Sainsbury’s offers pumpkins of much smaller size and much bigger price)
  3. Wash it and dry it with kitchen towels
  4. Do your research and find the perfect face for your pumpkin. Keep in mind that a nose makes a pumpkin face look cuter no matter what. So if you want an evil looking pumpkin – concentrate on the eyes and the mouth
  5. Get a 5B or 6B drawing pencil (HB simply won’t draw on a pumpkin without leaving traces) and sketch the face and the top rim of the pumpkin
  6. Gently (not deep) cut along the top lines using a small knife
  7. Insert a large kitchen knife into the preliminary cuts made with the small knife, then do it again but each time the knife goes in try pushing the pumpkin top out a little, eventually separating and lifting off the top lid
  8. Empty the contents of the pumpkin, but remember to keep the pumpkin seeds and send them to me, or give them to any other Chinese person – they’ll know what to do with them
  9. Start carving the face with the most central points of your sketch. Make deep cuts and when the hole is made you can start slicing around the hole to make it gain the shape you’ve designed. It gives greater precision. You could change the shape of the face later on if your initial pumpkin face had a small mouth and small eyes
  10. Wash away the remnants of the sketch you’ve made (washing up liquid should do)
  11. Put the lid back on and there you have a perfectly pretty pumpkin!

Please exercise caution when you light a candle inside a pumpkin and have a happy Halloween!

My first pumpkin

Disclaimer: This is my first pumpkin carving experience. This is not a Pumpkin Bible. You are not entitled to sue me and claim damages should your own carving experience go horribly wrong.

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