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January 19, 2005


Three good cups of coffee and a hudred Internet articles – that's what kept me awake the whole night. Now, how did I end up like this…

started off by looking at the University of Westminster's website
> thought I'd write something in Chinese for a change and started looking for pictures to illustrate the previous blog post to make up for the petty word count
> googled 'Russia China' and somehow found this picture from a user's livejournal
> read that and followed a link on it and read another livejournal, left a comment
> drifted smoothly to the Russianized Google, followed the links to weekly publications and online news websites
> spotted an article about obese people, gay people trying to get married, a French person who made friends with his transplated hands, went to a 'buddy-website' on a link
> read about the top 10 wealthy people in Russia (most of which aren't really Russian), "12 Things to say to women" (no comments), virus in mobile phones (I probably have got myself one – when I was in London in December someone tried to send me something via bluetooth and the same happened recently in Leamington, had to switch my phone off!), then switched to another website
> read about the explorations of Saturn (by Cassini) and proving Einstein's theory (by Gravity Probe B) in cosmos, also about the survivers of the tsunami seeing ghosts, yet another website

> screen adoptation of Bulgakov's Master and Margarita and the Church's protests againt it; brought up nostalgic feelings and Amazone'd and then Yandex'ed the book, but couldn't find anything pleasing
> read another article-review on a French theologist's book about Virgin Mary and her virginity and the overall significance of Mary, tried to find the book in Warwick library and not surprisingly failed.
> spotted another article about Kant and read through his biography and some quotes of his works. Googled for his quotes in English, but dissapointingly found only four of them.
> saw a disturbing picture of an exhumed lama whose body wouldn't rotten and read the whole article. Apparently the lama had given his body as a present to the rest and as a proof of accessibility of the state of Nirvana.
> realized it's 7 in the morning and the buses have recommenced the service.

And I shall now depart to bed. As Kant put it 'Thinking is talking and listening to oneself'. I'll go do that.


这是杨璐璐历史上第一个中文网上日记。我强调,中文!我容易吗?我这都是为了什么?为了扫盲!为了驱除那个 "俄罗斯女人" 的阴影,在同学面前立一个新形象。说实在,难得很。我要写一篇有代表性的,有说服力的文章来做革命的大纲。好了,先写到这儿。等有了主意再说。

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