October 20, 2013

Group Work & Emotional intelligence

30 minutes to the deadline of submitting final pieces of group works, we’ve just done and which means we’ve done with all group work! I have to say I really love my group members and we did a great job, from my own opinion. It seems we are the most relaxed group and always having fun, laughing, taking a lot of ‘coffee break’ during the day, but also working to 4am in the middle night. We chatted on Facebook as a group meeting at 3:30am in the morning! This is awesome and I feel we are like ally which fight for the same goal, with a funny way. We’ve learned a lot while laughing and debating, this is how we learned, much more than taking a class by a lecturer!

This is also impressed me as I was always soooooo serious and direct while working, I could be a totally different person while working, I thought I can call it as ‘professional face’, but I’m totally wrong. People is human-being, and to be a ‘professional face’ as before, most of my colleague are scared of me, that they can only make fun after work, and said I was a totally different person when out-of-work time. And my employees are having distance with me while I took a leadership role when helped my family’s business. That is exactly a good example of ‘how to use emotional intelligence to improve employee’s performance.’ I learned this from my group members, we are having fun while study and we’ve learnt a lot from each other, emotionally, and won’t forget it in lifetime. Probably, sometimes, professional does not mean serious and strict, it can be fun and relax, this is another way to let others respect your work.

October 15, 2013

Organizational culture

Today, our team presented ‘learning organization’ by mentioning organizational cultures. Some of our classmates didn’t get why we mentioned it and thinks we were deviate from the topic and didn’t answer the question. Actually, what we want to show is to be a learning organization that everyone is willing to learn, we have to have a suitable environment, which is the culture. We can only apply our learning environment if we have a learning culture.

Actually, from my previous experience, organizational culture is so important that it plays a fundamental and significant role. Once we found a suitable culture, we will have the right direction and will find the best employee to work for us, and establish the best team. For example, if our culture is everyone takes their own responsibility and willing to learn how to improve the process, we will automatically encourage everyone to learn actively, and eliminate those employees don’t fit the box. Culture is invisible, but is an important part of the whole system. We mentioned four types of cultures, and of course each type of culture suit different type of organizations in different developing stage, but our goal is to establish a ‘role culture’ that everybody can make decision and willing to contribute more to the organization. Also, in real world, many organizations have different types of culture in the same time and it’s ok, as long as it suit their own system and their development stage.

Furthermore, what I really like in this course is we can always investigate more knowledge by ourselves and make ourselves to think more. It’s like the ‘Iceberg’, when lecture throw a question to us, it’s only the surface, and we can always dip it deeper and deeper. Therefore, I don’t think whether we give the ‘right’ answer is that so important, as long as we learned something interesting which link to the topic.

Learning environment

Finally I’m sitting at my proper ‘permanent’ off-campus accommodation, moved out from the hotel, sorted out my ‘homeless’ issue. Such a relief!

My second CBE week, just had two presentations done today, another two presentation and two assays to go by end of this week. It seems finally I’m back to the normal student life. Group meeting, go to class, go to gym, etc. My group members are so friendly and we help, encourage each other. All of those things just make me feel so much better compare to before when I was ‘homeless’ and didn’t know how to do in my Master course.

I have to say I love the learning environment more and more now as it changes our behavior to seek the knowledge, not be feed by the lectures. After we graduated from the course, in the real world, nobody will care about how much you’ve learned except yourself, you will only improve yourself when you feel it’s important to do so. Therefore, to keep practicing continuous improvement of our own performance is awesome to me, as when I used to doing it, I will keep going and it will benefit my entire life.

October 10, 2013

CBE–Time management

Manage time or manage yourself? I think the most important thing is to review what you've done and what or how will you do in next step? Self-review is so important coz nobody will know more about yourself in the entire universe, it will be terrible if you get lost and you don't even know about yourself. Therefore, time management to me is to manage our own. So keep calm and carry on!

October 09, 2013

CBE–change people's behaviour

Everyone is different and have different purpose to work. For those who doesn't care about career path, doesn't care about promotion, self-recognition, etc. (especially low-educated workers in manufacture), I think performance-related pay is the good way to motivate them to work harder, as they are working for money only. Then, give them training and education, but it will take time. I think to change people??s behavior is the most difficult part.

From my past working experience, I know someone who just wants to have a job to pay their costs. They don??t want any pressure, deadline, promotion, etc, just a simple, easy life. They don??t want to take more responsibilities, they just want to earn the money and go to holidays. If they win the 'Lotto' someday, no matter how brilliant the working environment is, they will quite the job. To those people, how will we change their behavior? How will we implement our revolution on them? Will we spend more time train them or hire someone else? Anyone has any thoughts?

CBE–Performance related pay

First proper lecture day in MBE, which impressed me the most is the sentense ' performace related pay kills teamwork'. Paul showed us a video with Deming's theories, which brings me some new idea for management skills and I think this is the right place to stay.

I agree the sentence as I understand it's all about to create a brand new continuous learning environment. However, I don't agree as in the real world, it can't be always perfect. To create the system and to do the revolution is our objective, but to get there, we need appropriate approach, which may use 'performance related pay' to motivate someone who's working for money only.

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