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July 05, 2014

KBAM–MBE courses

We finished all MBE courses last month, and this may be my last few blogs in Warwick, I admitted that until now I may not really get used to the blog thing but I recognized the ideas of sharing. Thorough blogs, we can apply theory to real life, eventually the purpose of study is to apply to our future job and life, or I don't see the value of the knowledge. Just like the Knowledge-Based Asset Management workshop, we can apply our knowledge to help control or reduce incidents to save lives and save money may lose. Moreover, by reading the ideas sharing we can absorb some new thoughts which we don't know before.

What I felt about the MBE course especially for leadership and KBAM is that we are not only learning about the knowledge, knowledge is everywhere and everyone can learn, MBE course taught me the value of people not just pursuing utilitarianism, for example, the idea of taking money out of the table, intrinsic motivation instead of rewarding and transactional exchange, CSR...etc. Moreover, since studying in MBE, we are focusing on management level in organizations, we should have the caring mindset to value and care people as our leadership style, not just persuing utilitarinism. If we can't not have the mindset and try to persuade the people around us and transform them toward right direction, there is no big difference between us and other people. I always think knowledge is everywhere, what makes us different is our heart, thta's what MBE taught me this year.


When I prepared for PMA for the occupational health and safety in asset management, cosidering WaveRiders is a SME, I found some obstacles for SME to implement OSH management. Surprisingly, the biggest obstacle is management instead of finanacial factor, I was shocked since management style, leadership and organizational culture seems vague but it served as solutions for many questions.

Then I recalled that while I was working, some of our suppliers are SMEs in China or in other developing countries, SMEs' resources are not as many as big organizations, and the employees themselves if they are not equipped with the knowledge and awareness of the OSH, OSH is just acting while the goverment or authorities performed inspections. I do agree the organizational structure is flat in SMES, therefore management are overworked and often not sure the extent of OSH in their organization and how to improve. The articles I read suggest that employees' involvement will reduce the workload of the management and effectively performed the OSH practices. The role and responsibility of the management is to create the culture and lead their employees to aware and participate by providing them resources.

However, considering most organizations in China and Taiwan are SMEs, I do think government should provide a department to offer either the information or resurces for SMEs' need to enhance OSH in organizations since most of the people are working in SMEs. The reason is most people in SMEs may not all economically disadvntaged, but SMEs may not have complete unions functions like large organiations, therefore, supports for SMEs may include coping with the inquiry SMEs' having for OSH, suggesting which training or insoection based on individual needs and possible funding sources, these supports should not limit for the company but also provided for the individual employees who need.


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